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    Leah is a classic, I love it. Evangeline is stunning!
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    I figure you should get some feedback from a person actually named Leah. It is a perfectly lovely name that I've never felt quite right for me. I've always longed for a more formal name like Catherine or Margaret. Of course, giving a more substantial middle name would have solved that problem (mine is Kaye). But that does not take anything away from the sweet, darling Leah. The meaning mattered very little to me, except when I realized my mother and grandmother's names meant "Princess" and "Lady". I felt a little short-handed. A different meaning for Leah is "cow". I know. But I have embraced it and my collection of nearly 100 cows has spread all over my kitchen.

    Also, I think the "weary" meaning has also meant "delicate". I think it had to do with the biblical story. Leah's sister Rachel was betrothed to the kind and respectful Jacob. But Leah was betrothed to his brother, the brutish Esau. Leah would often cry at her dismal future, making her weary and her eyes, delicate. But God was there for her. She eventually married Jacob. When Jacob didn't love her as much as Rachel, God heard her cries again, and opened her womb. She had seven of Jacob's children and is the mother of half of the Twelve Tribes if Israel. She is thought to be buried in the Cave of Patriarchs, along with Jacob and other biblical couples, Abraham and Sarah, and Isaac and Rebekah (Rachel is buried elsewhere).

    Pronunciation and spelling used to be an issue, but I think since more people are using it than when I was young, it isn't really a problem anymore.

    Leah Caroline is stunning.
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    Leah Evangeline is definitely pretty.

    Here are other options I love:

    - Leah Elyana
    - Leah Emblyn

    Also if you like the sound of Leah but not the meaning try these:

    - Aleah means "high exalted" and is Hebrew.
    - Leya means "lion" and is Hebrew.
    - Leida means "loved by the people" and is Russian.
    - Leesa means "my god is a vow" and is Hebrew.
    - Leala means "loyal one" and is French.

    Good luck.
    Love & Blessings! xo

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    Just another insight to the biblical Leah -

    While her story seems more passive than her sister Rachel's, a few very notable things often go unnoticed about her...

    - She is the matriarch (since she is the mother of 6 of the tribes)of the Jewish people's: Firstborns, Warriors, Priests, Kings, Businessmen, and Bible Studiers.
    - She is noted as being the first person to formally express gratitude to G-d (this was upon the birth of her 4th son, thanking G-d that she was blessed above and beyond with more children than she had expected.)

    That being said, one of my daughters is a Leah I'm a big fan!

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    I don't think the meaning is bad at all. Weary is a negative word, but in the case of the name Leah it has a wonderful story behind it so I like the meaning. My step-mother's name is Leah and she is the sweetest woman I know! She is very family oriented and loves Christmas. I believe people do live up to their names. I've never asked my step-mom if she likes her name, but I'm sure she has no complaints. If she hated her name I'm sure I would've heard about it by now haha.

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