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    Can I please get quick thought on Leah?

    Leah Evangeline ??

    Classic, or dated?
    Does the meaning bother you?

    Thanks so much!!
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    I think Leah is a beautiful, underused classic IMO, and I wish I heard it more often!
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    Leah is definitely a classic, and not dated at all. And the meaning does not bother me. Leah Evangeline is very pretty! Also:

    Leah Caroline
    Leah Charlotte
    Leah Jane
    Leah Josephine
    Leah Grace Evangeline

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    Leah is definitely one of my all time favorite names. I think it's a gorgeous classic, but definitely not dated as it's still used quite frequently today Leah Evangeline isn't perfect to me (it kind of flows into one word), but I'm never one to worry about name flow anyways. Both names are stunning.

    The meaning does not bother me.

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    leah is pretty and classic...if not a little bit boring..I dont like Evangeline it just seems like it is trying too hard

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