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    Yes, I do love the sound of Leah Caroline!
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    I adore Leah! The meaning does bother me though. I don't know if I could use it because of the meaning.

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    It's definitely an understated classic, not dated at all-- especially, for a first name-- And when you think about it, there are much worse meanings than "weary."

    However, I'm not the biggest fan of Evangeline. It's too dramatic for the gentle Leah and the two names kind of run together when said aloud.

    I like the previous suggestion of Leah Josephine, and Leah Ivy is darling too!

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    If paired with Caroline, I think Leah Caroline is very pretty. I still like Anna Caroline though
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    haha. Leah is nice. I don't think it's dated, but it is a bit boring, albeit very sweet. I like that it's a Bible name. And I sort of wonder which was the better of the two sisters--Leah didn't connive to be Jacob's husband, that was Laban, and she wasn't the one who stole her dad's idols and then lied about it while she hid it (although maybe it wasn't such a bad thing that Rachel did that!). I wish the Bible had more of an insight into Rachel and Leah, because that must have been one fascinating trio!

    In regards to the name, though--a while back, I really wanted to give my sister (Natalie) a nn, so I opted for Lea(h)/Lia. She didn't mind it, actually liked it, and then, after I started calling her Tallie (another delightful Natalie nn I found!), we were reading the story of Rachel and Leah for family worship, and she found out the meaning, and she's like, "You can't call me Leah anymore!" haha. So maybe a kid wouldn't love it so much, but it is a nice name with a nice Bible story to go with it.

    Leah Evangeline is really pretty. I always liked the idea of Leah Natalie, Leah Rachel, or Leah Caroline...
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