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    Haniah is gorgeous! And I can totally related to your situation -- my hubby and I have completely different taste in names. What about Moriah? Rhymes with Haniah but doesn't start with H? Another suggestion to convince him is to just beg him to at least keep it on your short list and not decide until after she is born. My hubby has tended to be more open to names I like once the baby is actually there. Good luck!
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    Looks like Haniah, like many Hebrew names, has a few lovely variants:
    Chania (still pronounced with an H, sort of like how you see Hanukkah as Chanukkah sometimes)

    Might he like one of the other spellings better?

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    I love the name Haniah and the meaning of it! Well maybe you can convince your hubby to go with some of these names that sound similar or are just pretty/cute/unique in general!

    A'niyah - There are obviously different spelling variations such as A'nya, A'niya, and Aniya. I think it's a beautiful and unique name but it's also very similar to Haniah! You can also still use the nn Niyah

    Niyah - You can simply use Niyah since you like it a lot. I also think its a very pretty and unique name but at the same time it's very powerful yet simple!

    These are names withe the long I sounds:
    (previously suggested) Moriah/Mariah

    Cute & Unique names:
    Akeley (pr. Ache-lee)
    Elaynah (variation of spellings)

    Hope this helped!
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    Haniah is lovely but he doesn't like H? hmmm well some suggestions....

    Anaiah- means Yahweh answers in Hebrew
    Amaya/Amaia- though this may be too popular for you, it means 'the end' in basque
    Ainhoa- name of a town in France, popular name in Spain.
    Anais- catalan form of Anna
    Anina- german version/diminuative of Anne
    Nahia- means desire in Basque
    Anuhea- hawaiian possibly means cool/fragrant breeze
    Naia- Hawaiian for Dolphin
    Nia- Swahili for purpse
    Nanea- a persian goddess
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    I completely feel your pain. My hubbie & I have very different taste in names. If it is any encouragement at all he started out not liking our oldest's name at all. It was the only one I was absolutely in love with from day one and adored all the way through my pregnancy. He never told me it was growing on him, but when she was born we were still unsure what her name would be so we both agreed to give our top two and try to go from there. He went first and Aubriana, the name I'd loved all along, was on his list! Keep looking, but keep in mind his heart just might turn towards Haniah. Here's hoping!

    P/S - The only other names that I thought of while reading your post were Mika/Myka and Eliana

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