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    Jethro or Titus to join Soleil and Clancy

    Due in 5 weeks with Baby #3, a brother to sister Soleil Eve and brother Clancy Ezra. Top two contenders are Jethro Bennett (love nn Jett and Bennett is my maiden name) and Titus Gabe (love nn Ty and my brother's name is Tyler and Gabe is in memory of a cousin).

    HOWEVER, can't settle on either Jethro or Titus. Hubby is happy with both. Don't know if I love either Jethro or Titus enough but can't find anything better. Don't really think either name makes for a great sibset.

    Whatchy'all think? Strongly prefer one over the other?

    Other boy names I like, but don't have hubby on board yet are August, Hugh, Keegan, Sawyer. He likes Alistair but I'm terrified of nn Al.

    Thanks for any and all input!

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    I like Titus! I'm fond of Latin/Roman names. I think they are strong and distinguished.

    I love Alistair, too. I would have considered that one if my BIL hadn't just named his baby Alexander. I'd probably use the nn Ali.

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    This is hard, as I feel like Soleil and Clancy are such different styles. Soleil and Titus would share the Old World, posh charm. Clancy and Jethro would share the down-to-earth, jolly feeling. I'd go for something in between. I like smismar's suggestion of Alistair... or maybe Malcolm, Toby, Roscoe, Piers, Jude, Julian, Damien, Jonas, or Elias?
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    Hmmm...I love your other two childrens names! If I had to choose I like Titus better than Jethro. Soleil, Clancy and Titus. They all have a different vibe but still the names sound nice all together IMO. I love the suggestions you mentioned above @tfzolghadr.
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    Titus would seem to fit better with siblings Soleil and Clancy.

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