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    Favorite Girls Names:

    Clementine Pretty but nms
    North Nms (and it would be taken off the list if it was due to recent 'news')
    Rebecca It's a nice name but the nn Becky makes me cringe
    Emma Very pretty name
    Daisy Again, pretty name but nms
    Lily A very popular name/nn. I know of 2 or 3 little girls who have the nn of Lily but have more formal names of Lillian, or Liliana.
    Avery I know this is slowly making it's way to the girls' naming board but I still see this as a masculine name.
    Petunia All I can think of is the horrible aunt from Harry Potter
    Iris Pretty.
    London I think place names should have a story behind them (we met there, we married there, we honeymooned there...etd), otherwise it's just odd - though not all places make good names.
    Aphrodite Such a pretty name though I worry about the teasing/horrid nn that are possible and it's nms.
    Alice A timeless classic.
    Coralie Pretty!
    Jane Another timeless classic.
    Jamie A universally unisex name. Very pretty.
    Chloe I just get this vision of a spunky, independent person.
    Vida nms.
    Marigold Nms but a pretty name nonetheless. Mari is a pretty nn
    Vaida Nms but it's a pretty name. A person I used to work with named her daughter Vada (from the movie My Girl)
    Poppy Seems more nicknamey to me than actual name.
    Primrose Pretty name though I'm afraid that it's going to be dated due to the popularity of the Hunger Games.
    Gloria Pretty, wonder what you'd pair it with to give it some character.
    Edith Nms. Gives off a dated feel to me.
    Cordelia Pretty! I would use it if it didn't clash with our last name.
    Alba Like the feminine version of Albus? As in Dumbledore?
    Giselle Pretty but I'm never quite sure how to pronounce it.
    Tawny Nms
    Audrey Very pretty! I may have to add this to my list of potentials
    Lucy Pretty nn. I would want to give a more formal name though but I don't care for Lucille..maybe Lucia?
    Gertrude Pretty but has dated feel to it. All I can see is two little old ladies sitting around having tea and one says, "Now Gerty..."
    India A place name (see London)
    Elle Pretty.
    Ellie Nicknamey.
    Florence I know this isn't strictly a place name but it has that feel to it. (See London)
    Cambria Came-bree-a? Cam-bree-a? Kahm-bree-a? just nms
    Rose Pretty, elegent, simple.
    Britney Still too popstar-y for me but it is a pretty name.

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    WREN Cute. Nms but I could see a little girl rocking this name.
    SPENCER Purely a boy's name. Sorry. I think this is just too masculine of a name.
    CAROLINE A timeless classic. Very very pretty name.
    GEORGIA Love this name. It's one of the few 'place' names that I love irregardless.
    GEORGINA Prefer Georgia but this isn't a bad name.

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    Girls Names:

    Clementine Add me to the list who never understood it's appeal. I think the old song about the unattractive young woman.
    North I don't like it for a girl and sort of for a boy. Expect this one to be seen as copying Kim Kardashian.
    Rebecca I love this one! I have a dear friend who's a fitness trainer with this name. She goes by the full name always. Timeless
    Emma Timeless but popular. I know several Emmas my age 25, and it's number 2 right now.
    Daisy Love this! It does seem cutsey, and there is the Great Gatsby. Still it's kind of on my favorites list.
    Lily love this! Very popular though.
    Avery A male name that is now unisex. My cousin named his adorable daughter this.
    Petunia I don't like this flower name. I didn't like Aunt Petunia from Harry Potter much either.
    Iris I love this one! It doesn't work with my current last name though. It will depend on whom I marry.
    London Not my favorite or style. It's ok.
    Aphrodite same as London
    Alice Pretty, timeless, and literary!
    Coralie Cute as a button. I would prefer Cora. Makes me think of Anastasiaruby.
    Jane love this one! Timeless and literary!
    Jamie It's going back to the boys. It's one of the many 80's and 90's retro names on your list.
    Chloe Very popular, but nice.
    Vida Nice. It is a word in Spanish.
    Marigold Love this one! Top girls name of the day!
    Vaida Not my style. Unsure of pronunciation, which will be a problem.
    Poppy Not my style. A Namenerd name. I used to love it, but people here connect Poppy to Opium Poppy. Was on my list at 14 and outgrew.
    Primrose Another flower name! I like this one, but probably would never use it.
    Gloria Kind of dated. Still the nickname Glory is cute and I like the old song. (Look it up on youtube) "They shouted it every night: Gloria G-l-o-r-I-a"
    Edith On the rise, maybe thanks to Downton Abbey. Old lady chic.
    Cordelia On my favorites list. So many nicknames, but cool on it's own.
    Alba Not my style.
    Giselle I like this! Distinctive and yet familiar! I really liked Enchanted. One someone could talk me into.
    Tawny More a nickname. Or a kitten.
    Audrey An old favorite, but I moved on.
    Lucy Very cute, but still grown up. A literary classic.
    Gertrude Not my style. Still dated.
    India Not really one I like.
    Elle A 80's and 90's I love. Very sleek. I think it could work.
    Ellie Too nickname for my taste. I would like a formal name with it.
    Florence It's all right. Ready for a comeback, but not one I would use.
    Cambria Not my style
    Rose I love this one quiet elegance.
    Britney Too dated.

    All in all you have great taste. I would suggest Dahlia, Magnolia, and Fern as names I could see you loving. Good Luck!

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    Clementine - not my cup of tea, it's a small orange to me
    North - I don't find this pretty on a boy or a girl. Also Kardashians.
    Rebecca - A classic, lovely
    Emma - Ditto, though I think it's past it's peak now.
    Daisy - Cute but I struggle to see this on an adult
    Lily - Every other girl in my area is a Lily, I'm over this name.
    Avery - Not a fan, reminds me of Aviary where birds live
    Petunia - Not my taste, plus it sounds a bit old lady
    Iris - Nice
    London - my city. I don't see this as a name at all.
    Aphrodite - Not my cup of tea but not awful. Makes a quirky middle maybe
    Alice - Alright but I find it a bit bland
    Coralie - Nice
    Jane - See Alice
    Jamie - Like for a boy only
    Chloe - Like
    Vida - Eh, indifferent on this
    Marigold - I think of the yellow rubber gloves, sorry
    Vaida - Never heard this before but has a nice sound
    Poppy - See Daisy
    Primrose - Prefer just Rose
    Gloria - Dated
    Edith - Dated
    Cordelia - Ok, not really my style though
    Alba - Don't really care for this either
    Giselle - Could be seen as joining the -elle/-ella trend, which I'm so over
    Tawny - Owl.
    Audrey - I find this dated too.
    Lucy - Like this one
    Gertrude - Ugh. Sorry, but it's not only dated but not attractive either.
    India - I don't care for place names much but it's ok
    Elle - L? Seems too abrupt for me.
    Ellie - It got so popular a few years back I'm so over it now too. Would only use as a nickname.
    Florence - Not really my style either but ok
    Cambria - I think of Cumbria, sorry
    Rose - Nice as a first name, overdone in the middle
    Britney - Spears, and dated

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    Samuel * Thomas * Charlie * Reuben * Oliver * George

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