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    You have a really broad naming taste, and I love some of your names!

    I love because they're simple:

    Clementine: I LOVE IT. It's just so adorable
    North : I like North. Just as I still like Penelope, the Kardashians haven't particularly ruined it for me. (though I wouldn't use them) I like North more for a boy, though.
    Coralie: LOVE IT
    Audrey: I never liked it, but I met a little Audrey a few months ago, and now I love it


    I'm not sure about:
    Daisy: very cutesy
    London : it's not horrible, but I don't LOVE it
    Vaida: pronunciation? Vay-da or v eye da?
    Florence: Like it, wouldn't use it
    Cambria : I don't hate it, but it'll take awhile for me to get used to it as a name

    I don't really like:
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Favorite Girls Names:

    Clementine- a small orange...Not really my style
    North- forever ruined by Kimye
    Rebecca- loved it for a while, but I grew out of it.
    Emma- classic and simple...I adore it.
    Daisy- it's okay...more of a dog name
    Lily- again classic and simply, but maybe overly popular right now
    Avery- I like it
    Petunia- not really my style
    Iris- I think it's more of a guilty pleasure for me
    London- Too close to home for me... I live near a city named London
    Aphrodite- too much
    Alice- cute!
    Coralie- I love it! I went to school with a girl named Coralie...It's different, but not crazy!
    Jane- LOVE Jane...definitely on my list
    Jamie- meh, not so much a fan of androgynous names.
    Chloe- too popular
    Vida- not really for me
    Marigold- reminds me of polka dot door
    Vaida- prefer Vada as a spelling..Loved "My Girl"
    Poppy- maybe as a nickname
    Primrose- Hunger Games making this name more popular
    Gloria- Cute!
    Edith- I'm unsure about Edith...
    Cordelia- like a remix of Coralie...I like it
    Alba- not for me
    Giselle- reminds me of Gazelle
    Tawny- not for me
    Audrey- love it!
    Lucy- it's ok.
    Gertrude- not one of my Shakespearean faves
    India- not for me
    Elle- reminds me of Elle Greenaway from Criminal Minds..I didn't like her...
    Ellie- more of a nickname
    Florence- love the city, not the name
    Cambria- interesting
    Rose- love it!!
    Britney- not really for me...too "Hit me baby one more time" lol
    Name Nerd

    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    Clementine - Love this name. It's adorable.
    North - I think this a nice name...for a boy. Plus now that a Kartrashian has used it...ugghh
    Rebecca - Classic. Not my style. But I do think its a fine name.
    Emma - I love this name. It's kind of sad that its so overused at the moment, but a very lovely name.
    Daisy - LOVE this one. They are my favourite flowers and I even love the literary connection.
    Lily - This is nice, but not one of my favourite flower names.
    Avery - I love this...also on a boy. This name just reeks masculine to me.
    Petunia - Maybe its because of Harry Potter, but it just seems like a name for a dumpy old woman
    Iris - I LOVE this one too. I think its a great name that will age well.
    London - It's all right.
    Aphrodite - Not really my style. Personally, it's a little too out there for me.
    Alice - Lovely and classic. Also love the literary connection.
    Coralie - It's ok.
    Jane - Love Jane. Simple, classic and strong.
    Jamie - Eh, if this was 1995 sure.
    Chloe - Really popular at the moment. I prefer "Cleo".
    Vida - It's a nice sentiment to name your child "life"...but I just dont like the sound of this one.
    Marigold - I dig this one. Don't think I would use it personally, but I think I would want to meet a little Marigold. Or "Goldie".
    Vaida - Makes me think of Vader. Like Darth Vader.
    Poppy - I like. Full of spunk.
    Primrose - Maybe as a middle. I prefer just "Rose".
    Gloria - Lovely
    Edith - I prefer Judith, but otherwise it's nice.
    Cordelia - i like it. But I dont love it.
    Alba - Makes me think of Jessica Alba.
    Giselle - I like it. It's exotic. I also like the ballet connection.
    Tawny - Sure if this were 1978.
    Audrey - LOVE! Classic, demure, sophisticated but also beautiful.
    Lucy - Very adorable.
    Gertrude - Not my style. Sounds harsh.
    India - Country names aren't really my style.
    Elle - It's nice.
    Ellie - I like it as a nickname. Not as a full name.
    Florence - It's ok.
    Cambria - I don't know why, but it sounds "trendy" to me.
    Rose - Love. Very classic.
    Britney - Outdated. I knew a lot of Britney/Brittany/Brittny's growing up. And I was born in 1990.

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    I was really honest lol. You've got some good ones, but some not so great ones either, they were hit or miss for me.

    Clementine- Love this name, it's on my list.
    North - It's a fine boy's name.
    Rebecca- It's pretty, but a little dated. (Especially if the nn is Becky or Becca.)
    Emma- So trendy, and already a bit dated. And honestly, I was never a huge fan of the Emily/Emma trend.
    Daisy- Love it, and it's unusable for me, so I always encourage other people to use it!
    Lily- Beautiful, but watch out for popularity.
    Avery- Meh. Not a fan of unisex names.
    Petunia- Not a fan. (Also, FYI, if you got it from Harry Potter, JK Rowling used it for that character because she particularly hated it.)
    Iris- Very sophisticated and lovely.
    London- I'm torn on it. If you have some personal connection to London, I think it'd be fine in the middle spot, but it'd be pretentious and obvious otherwise.
    Aphrodite- It's really sad that this name and Venus have become so associated with strippers, but that's all this reads for me! Sorry!
    Alice- Adorable and very usable.
    Coralie- Nms, but I think it's fine.
    Jane- Due for a revival! I think there's much to love in its simplicity, and even a little sassiness.
    Jamie- Boring, I grew up with a ton of Jamies of both sexes. (I'm in my late 20s)
    Chloe- Classic.
    Vida- Kinda trendy, also, I think, a star baby? Right? Idk if that's a deal breaker for you, but I would expect to see a lot more of them if it is.
    Marigold- Nms. Seems kinda stuffy to me.
    Vaida- I think it's usually spelled Veda? It makes me think of science fiction, lol!
    Poppy- Cute, and ready to jump the pond!
    Primrose- Love.
    Gloria- Old lady-ish, and not in a good, vintage way.
    Edith- My grandmother's name, so I can't see any other way than on a super old lady. Edie is a cute nn, though.
    Cordelia- Like it a lot, it's very sophisticated.
    Alba- NMS.
    Giselle- I would assume you were naming her after the supermodel, and would think it would be kinda tacky.
    Tawny- I think of owls, haha.
    Audrey- Sophisticated and lovely.
    Lucy- Always adorable.
    Gertrude- Shockingly, I think this name is coming back. Trudy is a great nn.
    India- I like it. I think it's beautiful and it makes me long for travel.
    Elle- It just makes me think of an airhead.
    Ellie- Amazing what one letter can do to a name. This is more sophisticated, but I like it more as a nickname.
    Florence- I'm not convinced of its hipness yet. People younger than me seem to like it though.
    Cambria- I have a cousin named Cambria! I think it's cute, and her nn is Cami.
    Rose- Great as a first name.
    Britney- Ugh. So 80s/90s, and Spears doesn't help.
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    Favorite Girls Names:

    Clementine* It's a big favorite around here but I don't understand the appeal.
    North This is another name that I just don't understand. For boys or girls and especially after the Kardashian-West baby.
    Rebecca* a sweet underused classic that needs to get revived. I'd nn her Bex.
    Emma I know it's hugely popular, but it's a beautiful classic name.
    Daisy it's ok but I prefer the flower name Dahlia.
    Lily see Daisy
    Avery one of the few names I see as truly unisex. I've known both male and female Averys. It's cute.
    Petunia I don't find the sounds in this name to be very appealing.
    Iris pretty and sweet.
    London. To me this is like naming a child Los Angeles or New York.
    Aphrodite awesome name but a lot of name to carry through life.
    Alice very vintagey and sweet.
    Coralie I prefer Caroline.
    Jane lovely and underused as a first name.
    Jamie I have a long time crush on this name. For girls and boys.
    Chloe I prefer Zoe.
    Vida I really love this one, I can't use it because I speak Spanish and its too word namey in Spanish, but strongly encourage others to use it.
    Marigold another NB fave that I don't really get.
    Vaida I think Vida is a better option
    Poppy very cute
    Primrose ehh, it's ok.
    Gloria it's nice, but you have better options
    Edith lovely
    Cordelia probably my favorite of your list
    Alba nice, but very old-lady to me.
    Giselle I like this one, prefer Gisela
    Tawny not a fan, sorry
    Audrey lovely name with great namesakes.
    Lucy always reminds me of Lucy from the Narnia books.
    Gertrude see Petunia
    India nice in theory, but it causes much controversy here on NB
    Elle I think there are better El- names out there with more substance.
    Ellie see Elle
    Florence reminds me of Florence and the Machine, which is awesomeness.
    Cambria, it's ok.
    Rose lovely as a first name
    Britney* too many 90s babies with this name.
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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