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    Post Feedback please, good or bad!

    These are names that I like, I would really appreciate it if some of you lovely berries are able to give me some feedback- positive or negative welcome! I am only a teenager so these wont be used anytime soon, and I'm sure my naming style will change by then. If you have a list you would like feedback on, just leave the link along with the response to this thread! Thank you in advance, berries!
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    Favorite Girls Names:

    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    By the way, I don't know why the * are showing by some names. Not put there by me
    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Clementine - I have never understood the appeal of this one.
    North - Before the newest Kardashian baby, I might have said this was a good middle. But now... ugh.
    Rebecca - Classic and lovely.
    Emma - A little simple for me, but still very nice.
    Daisy - I love Daisy! I'm not sure I would use it as a given... not sure how well it grows with a child, but as a nickname it is adorable.
    Lily - Another simple but pretty choice.
    Avery - One of my favorite unisex names that I think is stellar on boys or girls. I tend to lean girl with it.
    Petunia - Reminds me of the aunt in Harry Potter. I don't dislike floral names, but I don't care for the sound of this one.
    Iris - Pretty.
    London - A little trendy for my tastes, but not terrible.
    Aphrodite - Very cool, very bold. I like it.
    Alice - Love! Classic, literary, with a hint of frill.
    Coralie - I prefer Caroline, or even Coraline, but Coralie is okay.
    Jane - Love! Because of family reasons I would spell in Jayne, which usually would go against a pet peeve of mine of adding/subbing Ys where they don't belong, but... family. Even though this is a simple name, it still feels very regal.
    Jamie - Meh. Kind of dated.
    Chloe - Not a fan.
    Vida - Not one I would ever consider, but kind of cool.
    Marigold - Another that isn't a favorite floral name. I would go with Magnolia over this, and you could call her Maggie.
    Vaida - Not even sure how I would pronounce this one.
    Poppy - Very cute as a nickname, another, like Daisy, I'm not sure would be a good given as it might not translate into adulthood.
    Primrose - Maybe for a middle? I just can't see this one as a first name.
    Gloria - Cute, but a bit dated.
    Edith - I love this one. While it is older, like the above, I think it is old enough that it is ready to make a come back.
    Cordelia - Love! So feminine, strong, and classic. Plus I love the nn Cora.
    Alba - There is nothing I find wrong with this, but it doesn't thrill me.
    Giselle - Pretty. That is really all I can give you.
    Tawny - Not a fan. Sounds, to be blunt, like a stripper name, to me.
    Audrey - Very nice. Of course, I think of Audrey Hepburn, so very good images in my head.
    Lucy - Love Lucy! It is so cute. I do prefer it as a nn for Lucille, but that is mostly because of family connection.
    Gertrude - I want to be open minded and say I like this, but it just sounds ugly to me.
    India - Another trendy celebrity pick.
    Elle - Too simple.
    Ellie - Again.
    Florence - Very nice. I like the feel of this one, and right now you get the cool vibe of Florence Welch along with the history of Florence Nightingale.
    Cambria - Not sure I would consider this a name. It reminds me of the Cambrian geologic period.
    Rose - Cute, simple.
    Britney - Dated, very dated.
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    Alice - Short & sweet!
    Jane - My mum's name so I may be a tad biased! Again, short & sweet!
    Chloe - Love this name but fear it's a bit popular.
    Rose - Perfect middle name, although it is very overused. I love the nickname Rosie!

    North - Unusable if Kim & Kanye have used it.
    Avery - Too masculine in my opinion.
    Petunia - No obvious nickname, & as a middle it would sound too sickly sweet.
    Iris - Makes me think of the structure in the eye rather than the flower.
    London - It's a city, not a name.
    Aphrodite - With the Greek mythology behind the name, I don't think it's an appropriate name for a child.
    Tawny - Makes me think of the type of owls.
    Gertrude - An obvious name to be bullied about as it is not pretty or feminine in any way.
    Cambria - Not a name in my opinion.
    Britney - Tacky.
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    Clementine* - I read a book recently where one of the character's had the name Clementine with the nn Clemma, while I think it's prettty, it has been put on the guilty pleasure list for me. Many people are reminded first of the oranges.
    North - North imo is a boys name. I know that because of Kim and Kanye's baby this name will start to become popular, but I just do not like it on a girl, sorry.
    Rebecca* - Beautiful, simple, and classic!
    Emma - This name is precious, but it is extremely popular right now, if that doesn't bother you then I'd say it's a great name.
    Daisy - Cute, I have always liked this name for a girl.
    Lily - See Emma.
    Avery - This unisex name is okay, I like it on a girl, but to me it reads a little more masculine imo.
    Petunia - Pretty, I like this flower name that is familiar but not as commonly used!
    Iris - LOVE this one, absolutely gorgeous!
    London - I'm not that into place names, I think this definitely reads feminine it's just not my style. I would prefer it as a middle name.
    Aphrodite - Pretty!
    Alice - LOVE this one! Alice is classic and simple.
    Coralie - Beautiful name, Coralie is very pretty and classic sounding.
    Jane - I like this name as a middle name better, but it reminds me of Jane Austen (who is one awesome author!)
    Jamie - This one is okay.
    Chloe - It's okay.
    Vida - Pretty and exotic sounding while still being familiar.
    Marigold - Hmmm.. while this is nice I prefer some of the other flower names on your list like Petunia and Iris
    Vaida - It's okay.
    Poppy* - Gorgeous!
    Primrose - Pretty
    Gloria - I Love Gloria! It's just so happy sounding to me!
    Edith - Okay
    Cordelia - Beautiful, it reminds me of the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M. Montgomery
    Alba - Not a fan of this one, all I think of is Jessica Alba.
    Giselle - Pretty
    Tawny - Okay, prefer Tanya, Tatiana, or Tawnya
    Audrey - Simple elegance, think Audrey Hepburn
    Lucy - Spunky
    Gertrude - I don't really like this one, it just seems really clunky to me.
    India - It's okay.
    Elle - Pretty
    Ellie - I like this one, it is a little nicknamey but I tend to like quite a few nicknamey names.
    Florence - Gorgeous and vintage.
    Cambria- Not my style.
    Rose - Pretty, would make a good middle for some of your other picks!
    Britney* - I know way too many Britney's so this name definitely isn't one of my favorites.

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