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    That's great then, your names are semi-traditional which makes River stand out as completely masculine versus him being the siblings of Laken and Quinn, if you know what I mean I love both River Elias and River Jonas by the way!
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    It always seemed male to me, but after friends considered it for their daughter, it just totally seemed to fit a girl!

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    It sounds masculine to me!

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    I'm a really bad person to ask on this because tomorrow I would name three sons Phoenix, Devon and Sydney. At leats one of these would be unacceptable to a lot of people but I love them all so much for boys. River *seems" female to me, but that's only because I hear a lot of people talk about it on girls, I prefer it on a boy though, by a long shot.
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    Since I grew up at a time when River Phoenix was a major teen heart throb, it is completely masculine to me. And I would bet that at least 90% of the Rivers you will meet would be boys. But I could imagine a girl named River too. Of your choices, I prefer River Elias the best

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