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    Nice nickname even though it's really farfetched and not easy to explain. What about making B her middle initial? Aurora B. Surname "Bea" is nice.
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    I think it's too much. If you like Bea, then there's Beatrice and Beatrix without having to even use Aurora. I also agree that it sounds a little like 'beer' when I say it.

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    Yes and No.

    Yes, you can call your daughter Aurora the nickname of Bea.
    No, I don't think you should have those reasons as reasons.

    I know a Leah, I call her Leah Beah cause it rhymes. Her mom calls her Bella, even though her name is Leah Alessandra, no -bella name in it.
    You can call your child any nickname you please really. Bea is the type of affectionate name that can be put on any child, regardless of the name imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    Well, honestly, if your family is big on nicknames and you hate all the nicknames for the name you love, I'd think twice about using it as a first.

    Sure, you can use a family nickname and it can be whatever you want.

    But I don't think you could call her Bea all the time (including school and such) and be able to say "This is my daughter Bea, it's short for Aurora." It just doesn't make sense. And I think you'd feel ridiculous trying to give that explanation of how you arrived at it.

    You can name her Aurora Beatrix and say Bea is short for her mn.
    You can name her Bea Aurora or Beatrix Aurora (or other Bea nn names) and use the name Aurora when you'd like.

    I actually really love Dawn. It is a tad dated, but not terribly so.
    I wouldn't use it with Aurora though, too naturey together.
    I agree, with all of this. Aurora is lovely, and I love it for you, and I think in America, you could get away with an Aurora being just Aurora. But we don't have that whole nickname thing here, haha. Nicknames are common, but not EVERYONE gets one. I'm still confused by your description, I really don't think there's any way you could get Bea from Aurora--it's far too big of a stretch, and I tried to get Posy out of Johanna.

    If you love Aurora, but none of its nicknames, then I would either use it as a MN (possibly for a "B" FN? Blythe Aurora, nn Bea?), or have her go by a nn for her MN. But if you know she'll end up with a nn and you hate all the nns, I really wouldn't go for it.

    I adore Aurora nn Ari, though. But if you don't like Auri, I'm doubting you'll like Ari... I know this is a HUGE stretch (but I think it makes more sense than Bea, haha), but what about a lion-related nickname? Leo/Lio, Leona, Leonie, etc.? Since it has the "roar" sound in the middle? Or even just call her Lion for fun? My mom had this thing where she gave each of my siblings and me an animal nn (I was butterfly!)--Lion could be her little animal nickname! I think Aurora nn Lion is quite cute, actually. She could be Aurora the Wannabe Lion. Now, how is that not adorable? :]]]]]
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