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    Question Abbreviation nickname for the lovely multi-faceted Aurora?

    Hey Berries!

    So Aurora has been on the tip of my tongue the last few weeks and I have been trying to find a suitable nickname (as some of you may have seen.) In my family, nicknames are big, whether you want one or not and since I am not too fond of Rory and Auri/Aura - even Rora comes into my mind as sounding strangely ocker Australian. But anyway, so I played around with a few other ideas. I've always liked Bea (prn. Be-uh) - I heard it on a film once and thought it was rather pretty, plus I have a soft spot for names that end in "A." It then dawned on me that it could use that nickname to abbreviate Walt Disney's various nicknames for this pretty princess, since "Ro" was off the table and so is Rose (Ro being my top nickname choice for Ronan and Rose being too darn close .)

    So here's the idea:

    The "B" - Standing for Briar Rose
    The "E" - Next letter in Beauty, as in Sleeping Beauty (Plus the whole things spells out its first three letters anyway.)
    The "A" - And finally "A" of course being Aurora

    Is that too weird or is it cute and unexpected? I know Bea is not traditionally pronounced this way in English speaking countries; but what do you think? I adore Aurora... it's just this seems to be the only nickname I equally love as much, although B-EE is pretty also. Dawn is nice although it seems a little dated.

    Is that a terrible idea?

    P.S I know its rather a stretch
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    I adore Aurora, and I think that would be trying much too hard to connect the nickname to the name. I don't think you need to justify the nickname; if you name your daughter Aurora but she seems like a Bea, call her Bea. If you name your daughter Octavia but she seems more like a Debby, call her Debby. Use it as more of an affectionate nickname, if you prefer. I'm not a fan of Rory or Aura, either.

    You could also call her Dawn, that being the meaning of Aurora.
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    Well, honestly, if your family is big on nicknames and you hate all the nicknames for the name you love, I'd think twice about using it as a first.

    Sure, you can use a family nickname and it can be whatever you want.

    But I don't think you could call her Bea all the time (including school and such) and be able to say "This is my daughter Bea, it's short for Aurora." It just doesn't make sense. And I think you'd feel ridiculous trying to give that explanation of how you arrived at it.

    You can name her Aurora Beatrix and say Bea is short for her mn.
    You can name her Bea Aurora or Beatrix Aurora (or other Bea nn names) and use the name Aurora when you'd like.

    I actually really love Dawn. It is a tad dated, but not terribly so.
    I wouldn't use it with Aurora though, too naturey together.
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    I'm all for nicknames being nothing to do with the original name, and no-one is going to ask you to justify it, really - they will just assume it's for a reason that only the family know about. At school, classmates will catch on to Bea if that's what she calls herself and is called by her parents - her teachers may call her Aurora at first, but Bea will catch on, if that's what everyone else calls her. I know a Rowan who is called (coincidentally) Bea and a Hermione that is called Fizz. No-one questions it! Good luck.

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    That is a bit of a stretch and would be quite complicated to explain if anyone asks. Bea pronounced Be-uh is really cute but it might sound like the word beer, at least in my English accent. I always liked nn Ari for Aurora.
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