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Thread: Ivy OR Lucy???

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    Ivy OR Lucy???

    And what middle name?? Looking for ideas. Here are a few I have:

    Ivy Josephine
    Ivy Caroline
    Ivy Victoria

    Lucy Caroline
    Lucy Cora
    Lucy Jane
    Lucy Victoria
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    Ivy!!! Ivy is beautiful, vintage, smart and unexpected, whereas Lucy has become so popular that it's becoming boring. Ivy Caroline is a gorgeous combo. To me, Ivy Josephine seems too stuffy and Ivy Victoria has too many Vs.

    Some other combos:
    Ivy Estelle
    Ivy Theresa
    Ivy Annabel
    Ivy Lucia (in case you still want the option of calling her Lucy)
    Ivy Antonia
    Ivy Carina
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    I prefer Lucy and find Lucy Carolin stunning.
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    I also vote Ivy. Such a beautiful name, I only wish it was less popular. Maybe I am biased but I like how Ivy Victoria sounds.
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