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    Eliza middle name poll

    Uhhg, Sorry it's me again with the never-ending name drama.

    I'm getting so much pressure from my family to get a name for this baby. They are big on monogramming things, and I swear I get a phone call at least once a day from someone wanting to know what the name is. Plus Dh wants to "lock it in" because he's tired of me waffling back and forth.

    I feel like I'm getting close... basically after toying with Clementine, Emmeline, Isla and Hazel, I keep coming back to Eliza. I like it - but it's definitely a safe choice. I don't know that it is the most awe-inspiring name, but there's not much to find wrong with it. Every other name I've considered has had some real downsides.

    I really liked June as a middle name (dh does as well), but my family keeps suggesting Ruth. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't even consider it, but the truth is I do like Ruth. Dh doesn't as much, but it is a meaningful family name and I know that it would make a lot of people happy if I chose it. I don't know... but there's a sense of duty I'm feeling, but I'm not sure if I would regret it or feel like I just chose it because of my family.

    I think they're both good choices - but I just wanted to get some objective opinions and to see if there was something I was missing. Thanks in advance!

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    I think it would depend on the last name for me. I actually really like both! I prefer June to Ruth, but Eliza Ruth is really spunky.

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    Go with whatever you like better. If your family likes Ruth so much, then one of them can use it! Don't get bullied into choosing a name (my SIL did by her family).
    And waffle away, its your baby. If you don't love Eliza, its just the best so far, then keep looking!
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    Both are pretty names! I am an Elizabeth Ruth, and I adore my name so I would recommend Eliza Ruth. That said, pick the name you prefer, not what your family wants, as a previous poster stated. And don't settle for a name you don't love - you will be saying this name for the rest of your life, so make sure its special!

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    Oh wow, it's been 50-50 all day. I'm fighting baby name fatigue today for sure. Twice I had to stop myself from just telling my husband to name her whatever he wants.

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