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Thread: Sibling Names

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    Sibling Names

    Were looking at our names list and were pretty set on Emily/Millie and Stella for girls. And Freddie for a boy.

    Which girls names do you think will go with the sibling name (below) and the above names we have lined up.

    We have a daughter Amy-Louise. Surname Kitcher.

    We don't like really old names Freda, Sylvia etc.
    We don't like surnames or unisex names.
    We don't like nicknames e.g. Izzy.
    We don't like unique/unusual names.

    Middles names also needed as nothing too close to possible sibling names or Amy-Louise.
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    Stella would be lovely with Amy-Louise. Emily and Amy are too matchy. Freddie is childish and doesn't give him much versatility when he grows out of the name. If you don't like nicknames, I think Freddie breaks your rule, doesn't it?

    Female siblings for Amy and Stella: Lucy, Elise, Molly, Robin, Iris, Lila, Ruby, Nora, Laura, Leila, Roxanne, Georgia, Holly, Grace, Jasmine, Ramona, Farrah, Natasha, Liana, Tania, Sonia, Jacqueline, Shannon, Bethany, Eva, Danica, Maya, Nadia, Maxine, Frances, Georgette, June, Gloria, Rosalie, Belinda, Tamara, Yvonne, Monica, Lauren, Natalie, Sarah, Megan, Gillian
    All the best,

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    I agree on it being too matchy he likes Millie but he doesn't like any name that would be a FN's for Millie e.g. Camille/Camilla or Millicent.
    What I mean by nicknames is Izzy for Isabelle or Belle for Isabelle being a name. Freddie is after my grandfather Fred (not Frederick just Fred) who got called Freddie or Bert.

    Names We Like - Lucy, Molly, Robyn, Holly, Bethan/Bethany,

    Names We Don't (some with Reasons) - Robin, Audrey (Unisex), Nora, Iris, Frances, Gloria, Yvonne, Monica, June, Gillian, Belinda (Too old/50s or 60s), Laura, Roxanne, Grace, Jasmine, Claire, Georgia/Georgina, Megan, Sarah, Natalie, Lauren, Carmen, Chloe, Natasha, (I know people with these names so unsuseable), Tamara, Ramona, Lila, Farrah, Sage/Saige, Danica, (slightly out there for our tastes), Leila, Liana, Jacqueline, Shannon, Eva, Maya, Nadia, Georgette, Rosalie (I like he doesn't), Marina (Ain't it a name of contraception).

    Posible Middle Names:- Elise, Tania, Sonia.

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    Just to clear things up by nicknames I mean short versions of first names

    Kel - Kelly/Kelsey.
    Beth - Bethan/Bethany.
    Izzy - Isabelle/Isabella.
    Belle/Bella - Annabelle/Isabella.
    Alex -Alexandria/Alexandra.

    I know some of these are names also but Iv only known them as short forms of longer names.

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