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    Ophelia, Olivia and Cora

    What do you think of Ophelia, Olivia and Cora as individual names? My boyfriend and I talked about names just the other day and he said he really liked Cora, while I love Ophelia. Olivia is the one we both like.

    Any middle name suggestions for these three? Thanks!
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    Ophelia is a very pretty name. I think its slightly frilly sounding, but still usable. The history behind the name is kind of morbid, but if you fon't care about that, then go for it!
    Olivia I like but its a bit too popular for my tastes. Although I adore the nn Liv.
    Cora is very sweet and old fashioned. I do think its a bt trendy right now, but certainly not in the top 100.

    Hope that helps
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    You seem to have a very similar naming style to me for girls, I'm loving the girls names in your signature.

    Out of Ophelia, Olivia, and Cora, I love all three....

    Cora is my favorite. I love it by itself - it is simple, pretty, not overused, and has a historical feel, which I like in a name. I also like it as a nickname for Cordelia, Coraline, Caroline, etc

    Ophelia would have to be next. This one definitely has that historical vibe I love, along with literary cred, and being a word nerd, I love that too. I also think that while it is a fairly uncommon name, it is still familiar enough that it doesn't seem too out there.

    Olivia is so pretty, but I personally don't love it enough to overlook it's popularity. There are so many little Olivias out there, I think one of the above would be a better pick.
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    I love Ophelia, but I don't know how usable it actually is. It's heavily connected with Shakespeare, and the associations are a mixture of good and bad depending on how you interpret the character of Ophelia. I also really love Cora. What about Cordelia as a compromise?

    I like Olivia, but the popularity of it is just too much.

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    Ophelia is my favorite of the three. I think it's a beautiful name.

    Olivia is gorgeous also, but I know so many little Olivia's that I personally am a little sick of it.

    You really can't go wrong with any of the three.
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