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    @ ottilie that is interesting, kind of what I suspected was happening in the UK.

    @ mandapantalones, I don't watch The Hills but I know the show. It seems even more unusual that someone of that age group would be called Elodie in the US.
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

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    Elodie is adorable, but Elke/Elka is delicious! I see Elka (I prefer this spelling myself so as not to cause pronunciation confusion, I prefer el-KA to el-KEY, and I've read different things about how to pronounce Elke) aging much better than Elodie. Elodie is sweet chubby cheeks and happy giggles to me. I do really like the name, but I find Elka leaps and bounds more interesting.

    From your sig, I think Delphine would make a great middle.

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    Both Elodie and Elka are stunning, but Elka is much more interesting.

    Not only that, but Elka is a name that will actually age with her-- not against her-- unlike Elodie which starts to lose its charm after the 30 year mark.

    I would definitely use Elka over Elodie, and adore it paired with Mila.

    As for MNs...
    What about Delphine? It's listed in your signature and works splendidly with Elka. Other combos you might consider...
    Elka Rowan
    Elka Corinne (prn Co-RIN not Co-REEN)
    Elka Quinn
    Elka Claire

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    I love this! Delphine is fabulous, one of my faves!

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    In 1898 my great aunt was named Elodia! Aunt Elodia was my favourite aunt! Could also spell it Eloydia or Elodya?

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