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Thread: Georgina

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    How popular in US is? In your area? Do you know any?
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    I don't my Georgina, but it kind of reminds me of a snobby girl in high school. Maybe because it conjures the image of Regina George. But once you put a name on a baby, connotations fade
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    I like it. It's my favourite 'George' name for a girl and I'd have it on my list if it weren't for a small cousin with the name! I dislike Georgia and Georgiana too- Georgia seems trendy & too place-y and Georgiana is too frilly for me. But Georgina is just right. Pretty and feminine but it can be shortened to something boyish. My fave nicknames are George and Georgie

    Oh, you edited. I don't believe Georgina is in the US top 1000 because I've looked it up before and I was quite shocked that it wasn't. It's #157 in England & Wales and Georgie is #245. I don't really know any though, other than my cousin
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    There were only 113 babies born in 2012 named Georgina. It's not even in the top 1000. It's my favorite George feminization.
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    It's definitely not popular here. The only association may be with Georgina from Gossip Girl (which is over now and shouldn't be a big deal). I love it, along with Georgia. One of those names that I'm a little too chicken to use, though.

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