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    a classic name with the last name Smith?


    My husband and I are TTC and I am (of course) already thinking baby names. I seem to be drawn to more solid, classic names. The only problem? Our last name - Smith. I'm concerned that my name choices will come off as lack of creativeness.

    Names I love...

    Theodore "Theo"
    Henry - husband doesn't love this
    Benjamin "Ben"

    Middle name for a boy will most likely be Daniel

    Sophia "Sophie" - our favorite
    Clara - another fave
    Julia - taken by a family member :-(
    Kate - don't really like Catherine, love Kate
    Elisabeth - most likely would use this for a middle, but not totally sold.

    Any thoughts? Any suggestions? We would love feedback!

    Thank you!

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    Like Emma, Clara, Henry and Julian.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    You can't choose your surname, so use the names you love and forget about what other people think.

    Theodore "Theo" - I like this, it's a handsome classic with cute nickname potential. Theodore Smith sounds very distinguished.
    Henry - Nice but I find it very formal, and Harry or Hank don't come as natural as Theo does to Theodore, or Ben to Benjamin.
    Benjamin "Ben" - I really like this too.
    Julian - A nice name, but I'm concerned bout the back to back 'an' in Julian Daniel, it doesn't flow as great as some of your other names.

    Sophia "Sophie" - If you're going to call her Sophie, use Sophie, it doesn't need Sophia and I think the flow of Sophie Smith is better than that of Sophia Smith anyway.
    Clara - Do you say this Clah-ruh or Claire-uh? I like the former but not the latter, I find it very nasally.
    Julia - If it's taken, maybe use it as a middle? Or how about Juliet? I personally find it quite a dated name still.
    Charlotte - I like this, a gorgeous classic.
    Kate - I like Kate too, but Kate Smith sounds a little choppy to me.
    Emma - Nice enough but I find this a tad dated now too.
    Elisabeth - I think Elisabeth would work fine as a middle to any of these names.

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    I have a friend whose surname is Smith and their son has a classic first and middle. You know what the attending nurse in the hospital said when she heard it? "Oh, how nice! You don't hear names like that anymore!" So yes, I so go ahead and give your kids solid, classic names. They're becoming a rarity in today's world of "creative" names.

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