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    I like Theodore Daniel or Clara/Charlotte Elisabeth. I think the others do seem a little bit boring paired with Smith.
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    Classic names can't be beat. All of your choices are great. I especially like Clara Elisabeth and for a boy suggest Bennett Daniel.

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    I think classic names work really well with common surnames. If it was me I would avoid using names that are in the top 20 names though. My maiden name is a very common surname and in high school 2 girls in my class had the same surname as me. They also happened to have the exact same first name, which is something I would want to try and avoid.

    From your list I like Theodore, Julian Clara and Emma best with the surname Smith.
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    I like:

    Julian Daniel Smith for a boy

    Charlotte Elisabeth Smith for a girl

    But can I suggest Josephine?? I LOVE Josephine Smith

    So either Charlotte Josephine Smith or Josephine Elisabeth Smith

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    Thank you guys for all of the wonderful feedback and suggestions!

    @wintersage, I really like Josephine! Could have potential for a middle spot...? Plus, Joseph is a family name. Could work really well, thanks!

    @jazz, good advice not to use anything within the top 20!

    @mgb, love the suggestion on Bennett, it's going on the list!

    @essjay, thank you for great feedback!

    I will add names to my list! Thanks again!

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