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    Names WAY more popular than you think......

    So I was having a discussion with my sister the other day about name popularity. And I was curious to see the difference between the national top 100 and each states individual top 100 and discovered some names maybe way more popular than you think!

    I'll list here the most surprising names appearing in the states top 100 that aren't in the national top 100 (I only researched the girls, as that's all I had time for). Obviously some are linked to cultural differences but still interesting. I'll list the name, it's national ssa rank and then the state/s that have it in the top 100. There are over a hundred some names in states top 100 that aren't included in the national list but I'm only including those names which are ranked below 500.
    Also I tried not to include creative re-spellings of the top 100 (ie Ryleigh) but I did include related names (ie Hallie is close to Hailey)

    nr= not ranked

    Adley: 731 North Dakota, Ohio
    Anela: nr Hawaii
    Annika: 528 Minnesota
    Anuhea: nr Hawaii
    Aspen: 504 Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming
    Batsheva: nr New Jersey
    Blakely: 545 Arizona
    Braylee: 541 West Virginia
    Chana: 825 New York
    Chaya: 707 New York, New Jersey
    Elsa: 551 Vermont
    Emi: nr Hawaii
    Estrella: 562 New Mexico
    Female: nr New Mexico
    Greta: 643 Minnesota
    Hallie: 525 Idaho
    Kaia: 559 Hawaii
    Kailani: nr Hawaii
    Kiana: 741 Hawaii
    Maeve: 529 Massachusetts, Rhode Island
    Maile: nr Hawaii
    Malaysia: 596 Mississippi
    Naia: nr Hawaii
    Nanea: nr Hawaii
    Noelani: nr Hawaii
    Oakley: 880* Idaho, Utah
    Sawyer: 558 Montana

    *Oakley is only ranked for boys
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