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    Maybe not obscure but I adore these typical male (or unisex) names on girls -

    Frankie (I quite like it as a hyphenated name with something sweet like Jane, or Jean).
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    I know a girl named Allyn, and I really like Joey for a girl. Not obscure necessarily but works.

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    Sorry, I'm coming in a bit late to this (and I really hope some Berries haven't scared you off!), and I really only have one idea, but I love it, and I'm kind of hoping you are, too. I absolutely love the idea of Brady on a girl, and I think Rowan and Brady could be fairly sweet together. It's the one actual boys' name I like on a girl.

    How do you feel about occupational names on a girl? I like the idea of something like Painter, Booker, Fielder/Fielding, Abbott (although, maybe too religious for you? I still like it, and if she wanted a feminine nn, she could always go by Abby), Baker, Chandler, Fletcher, Thatcher, Miller, Mercer, Tolliver (I think something like Tolliver nn Tilly might be cute!), Whistler, Archer (Ari), Fisher, Shepherd, etc.

    I think something like Baker nn Bay would be adorable, actually, for a girl!

    I'm sure Nameberry would hate it, but I like Jasper for a girl, too. It's traditionally masculine, but it's the name of a gem, just like Ruby or Pearl, so I don't know why it couldn't work, and I think Rowan and Jasper would work great for sisters. Jazz/Jazzy could be cute for a nn. I sort of like the "feminine" variant, Jasperine, but it's more of a GP thing, and I can't see you really liking it.

    I love the idea of Winter, too, for you. More on the feminine side these days, but I know someone who knows a guy Winter, and I think it could be pretty cool. I don't think Rowan and Winter are too "W" heavy, and besides, I think Winter nn Winnie is pretty adorable.

    I'm really bad at this whole boys' names on girls thing, but hopefully something helped, haha. Also, Caleb/Kayleb? I know someone who knows a Kayleb Olivia, and it sounds quite similar to Kayla, so I would think it could work, much as it sort of pains me. Rowan and Caleb could be nice together. The idea in Hebrew is that Caleb means, along the lines of, "loving as full-hearted as a dog does." I think that's a really beautiful image. I think something like Caleb Ophelia or Caleb Eleanor could be nice. They just look wrong to me, haha, because Caleb's my boys' name, it's the only name I can imagine giving to my first little boy, but I sort of like it for you, and if I liked Caleb on a girl, I think I would like Caleb Eleanor a lot!

    Good luck!
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    The first names that pop into my head are Lochlan and Killian or Cillian. I also read a girl's blog who is named Merrick with sisters named Janssen and Landen.

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