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    Quote Originally Posted by jyoti View Post
    Has anyone suggested 'Bronte'? I'm embarrassed to admit how much I love the Bronte sisters (so boring, right?). Also, I came across a Hebrew name today that is a boy's name but I think would be perfect for a girl - Simcha. It means "celebratory joy", which is also lovely IMO.
    Forgetting the gender issue, Simcha is pretty but has pronunciation issues. I think it is cute but the the sound the chhh makes in Hebrew is kind of a pain in English.

    I like Tamsin, which IS a girl's name but gets criticized for sounding "too masculine" and I think Tamsin and Rowan are quite pretty together. I also like the word name Briar, which some have said I can't use on a girl as its "thorny" and "boyish" - I think Rowan and Briar are pretty together but maybe too botanical?

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    @bigsweater, I love James too but DH has way too many male family members named James, it would be weird.

    @alzora, I like Hayden but it's too close to the Aiden/Cayden/Jayden thing for comfort.

    @stripedsocks, I want to love Tamsin I really do, it's just the Tam- reminds me of Tammy and Tamiflu. Briar is a name of someone close to my family, Part of my hippy clan.
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    I'm sad to see all of the criticism your getting.
    Im not usually a personal fan of boys names on girls but I'm not completely opposed either.

    I really suck at suggesting names and I haven't enough time to look through all of the pages of the thread so excuse any repeats! Also sorry that they may not be what you are looking for!

    Oakley (Too many tree names?)
    Dion/Dione (Dione was the name of a goddess I think)
    Flynn (not obscure enough maybe?)
    Hadley (same as Flynn?)
    Leto (I think this is a woman from Greek myth too but it is kind of unisex in sound)
    Wetherly (I met a little girl named this the other day)

    Hope I helped!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post
    @scarletrune, I like getting replies to my threads just like everyone else. The fact you are insinuating that I am posting my picks to get attention is disrespectful and kinda hurtful. I'm just like everyone else on Nameberry, I love names and I'm a mom who's talking about names for a future child.
    I'm sorry you feel that way but looking back on the posts you've made in the past, this whole "names have no gender" thing does seem like a fad and what you really mean is "boys names have no gender" but you never make a post about girls names being used for boys. If names truly had no gender for you, you'd like girls names for boys as well as boys names for girls. Not even a year ago, you mentioned names like Cora, Lola, Alys, and Indigo being on your girls list (but not your boys list) you obviously had a preference at one point. Once you posted about boys names for girls and got a major reaction, it sort of seems like that's mostly what you post about now. Sorry if that's not the case but that's how it seems to me.
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