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    Quote Originally Posted by rowangreeneyes View Post
    @Sarahmezz, thank you. Apparently I'm not allowed to have a different style. I feel increasingly bullied on my threads and it's really starting to bug me.
    I am astounded by this statement. Bullying is a serious issue and for you to say you feel bullied from being on here is absolutely ridiculous. No one is forcing you to make threads on here, you choose to of your own free will.

    I understand your frustration in replies and certainly some posters should avoid your threads as it's obvious you will never see eye to eye with them and vice versa. However equating their negative responses to being bullied is atrocious. People commit suicide from being stuck in a situation where they are consistently harassed on a daily basis. You have the power to leave or ignore responses. They do not. Huge difference.

    I apologize for being harsh, however I am passionate about this topic and can't remotely stand it being taken so lightly.

    On a better note, I think you have some great options. I particularly like Garnet with big sister Rowan.

    Good luck on your naming journey. Hopefully it will be smoother from here on out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    Were you and Augusta raised without learning proper social behaviour? First of all, if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't bother saying anything at all. Secondly, she's not stealing. Third of all, when I see people comment like this it makes me not want to respond to their threads in the future. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Keep calm and carry on.
    Oh, all right. Mea culpa. I should've just ignored this thread. But the whole boys-names-on-girls thing is like bamboo rods under the fingernails! But I am a competent internet user with the ability to scroll past offensive threads. In the future, I will (try very hard to) do so.
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    I think Austin could work!

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    Wow. Baby naming can be so unnessesarily controversial.

    The fun of nameberry for me as it allows you to step outside your own comfort zone/ style preference and explore names and styles you would never consider yourself.

    It's fun!

    On that note I still love August for you RGEs. It has great meaning, great sound and works with Rowan.
    You may also like Augusti (plural pf Augustus) which I'm considering for a middle name.

    Good luck

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    How about Konrad? Call her CoCo as a nn

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