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    My sons name is Foster but I think it could be adorable on a girl. Also love Carlisle for either gender.

    Some others that come to mind and fit well with Rowan:


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    I am not sure if you are still looking for any more suggestions. These are a few, that I think that have not been mentioned before (if they have, I apologise!) I did try to go through all the lists before posting my own! Some surnames that may work as first names for either gender - Addington, Ashby (I know its close to your pick of Asher, but maybe an alternative?), Blakely, Brayton, Bowen, Carden, Clarke, Devereux, Keirnan, Kelby (perhaps more feminine), Grady, Hayes, Jarrett, Jameson, Reed and Reeve. Also I thought I might mention Clem (yes, just Clem!) I think it could work very well for either a boy or girl. Wishing you all the best in your naming journey.

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    This afternoon I randomly thought of Wendell for you, knowing your penchant for W's. It strikes me as quite unisex: soft and lovely on a boy, or smooth and chic on a girl, like a more willowy Kendall. I think it could work in the South, and I love the "wanderer" meaning.

    I think all the drama that pops up on your threads is just strange. Cross-gender names are not my personal taste at all, but I love the opportunity to understand a different perspective and stretch my own limits. I find the whole challenge of looking for a name so far outside my own criteria to be quite invigorating.

    I think people react strongly and defensively to what hits close to home for least that was my experience with cross-gender names, having a negative experience with one myself. I've come to a point where I assume the people who so vehemently oppose a certain style probably have an underlying personal reason for it (even if they can't articulate that reason to themselves) rather than taking their harsh words at face value. As Otter says, it helps me keep calm and carry on
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    Quote Originally Posted by elizabeth_rose View Post
    I am astounded by this statement. Bullying is a serious issue and for you to say you feel bullied from being on here is absolutely ridiculous. No one is forcing you to make threads on here, you choose to of your own free will.

    I understand your frustration in replies and certainly some posters should avoid your threads as it's obvious you will never see eye to eye with them and vice versa. However equating their negative responses to being bullied is atrocious. People commit suicide from being stuck in a situation where they are consistently harassed on a daily basis. You have the power to leave or ignore responses. They do not. Huge difference.

    I apologize for being harsh, however I am passionate about this topic and can't remotely stand it being taken so lightly.
    The term "cyber bullying" is defined as "over time, and includes (but is not limited to): mean, nasty or threatening...messages...that are sent directly to a person or others via...the internet" (Pearce, Cross, Monks, Waters & Falconer, 2011, sited in Australian Institute of Family Studies, Definitions and Characteristics of Cyber Bullying). You can read the longer definition on their website (

    I'd say this definitely applies in RGE's situation.

    I'm a high school teacher and understand cyber bullying is extremely serious. I find your inference that because RGE is on this site of her own free will, she should either accept being bullied or stop starting threads/leave the site. Are you saying a high school student who is on Facebook of their own free should just shut down their profile/turn off their computer if they're being cyber bullied? How is that fair? Forcing someone off Nameberry is hardly fair. If people have a problem with her threads, they should ignore them, not accuse her of trolling and belittle her opinions in a nasty manner. As stated above, that's the exact definition of cyber bullying.

    Not all people who are being bullied are forced into that position. Particularly with cyber bullying, almost everyone has the power to turn off their computer and walk away. However, if you know anything at all about cyber bullying, you'll know it's extremely difficult to walk away from. It's also extremely unfair to tease someone mercilessly until they give up and stop using a particular website. I understand why RGE says she feels bullied and I'm appalled that she feels this way on this site.

    Honestly, I don't want this to turn into a massive thing, but I hope people can be more understanding of her and everyone else on this site in the future.

    @RGE - I'm so sorry your thread has come to this. I was going to ignore this post, but elizabethrose is so incredibly out of line with her comments, I couldn't let it slip by.
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    I know a little girl named Austen and I find it adorable on a girl! I also love the suggustion of Calyx. Other ideas
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