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    Penelope is adorable and you could always do Penelopa. Same origin and meaning just a slight more unique.

    - Mapenzi means "beloved."
    - Phenice would be lovely if she had red hair.
    - Pernella would be cute with the nn Nella, Nellie, or Penny.

    Good luck.
    Love & Blessings! xo

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    Thanks everyone! I kind of like Pena/Penna, but it just seems unfinished. I think Penelope is growing on me, even though it kind of reminds me of a pink pony. Hopefully I get over that haha.

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    If you sort of like Penna, there's always Petronella. There's the nickname Petra and Penny!

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    Pensee (There is is some kind of accent on one of the e's at the end but I'm not sure how to do it sorry)...means thoughts in French.
    I was going to say Penrose and Persephone too, but already suggested
    Long time name lover...

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    Hey, how 'bout Paulina? Or Perlina. Seem plausible.
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