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    I vote for Willa. It sounds more refreshing to me! I don't know any Hazel's personally, but feel like its more popular due to the "old lady" name trend that is still going strong.
    Willa is a perfect mix between new and classic

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    I just can't see the appeal in Willa. It sounds incomplete to me. Like it's a nickname for something longer. Plus, I think people might hear "Willow" a lot.

    I think Hazel is adorable. It's got a vintage vibe. I also like the nature vibe to it.

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    i like Hazel but I LOVE Willa, there's just something about it that makes it stand alone amongst other two syl. -la names. I think part of it is due to the great namesake Willa Cather. It has the feel of a nature name to me.

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    I prefer Willa. I'm not a big fan of Hazel.
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    Yeah, it just seems that Hazel is getting trendy and losing its appeal to me (at least based on seeing it on here and hearing it a ton in my city).
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