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    Ooh, its just so hard! I see your problem, I like both equally
    Have you got a middle name for her? Maybe you could do:
    Willa Hazel or Hazel Willa?

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    My gut says Hazel but its actually pretty darn popular where I live. Willa seemed less common to me. I have a daughter and I think her name would be fine with either. Keep the opinions coming! Thanks!

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    Hazel! It's sweet, cute and spunky. Willa feels a lot flimsier to me, and kind of nicknamey (though I would love Wilhelmina nn Willa).
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    Hazel. Willa is nice, but for me it seems unfinished. I prefer Willow.
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    I like Willa. Willa Cather's one of my favorite authors, and I had a teacher named Willa. I like that it's unusual, that it has history, that it feels both strong and lovely to me. It doesn't feel tied to the Ellas at all.

    Hazel feels trendy (maybe I've read too much John Green lately), and I'm not a huge fan of the sounds or look. It feels very different from Camille. There's nothing wrong with it, it's a fine name and if you choose it I'll be cheering you on with the rest.

    I just adore Willa. Willa Corinne and Camille Elise are just a splendid combination. I love the double-L tie-in, I love the feel of the sibset, I love how elegant and warm the names feel. I think both are charming on little girls and respectable and awesome on adults.

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