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Thread: ...Marzipan?

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    His responses to some of your suggestions:

    Maple - "Why don't we name her Mrs. Butterworth?"
    Mazarine - "You must mean Mezzanine."
    Mariposa - "Isn't that a baseball player?"
    Miranda - "...Meh."

    For the record, I like Maple and Miranda a lot. I like Marzipan still, but I think it'd fit better as a middle (niftylavalamp, it sounds so good as a middle!) I found my favorite Mar- name though; Marceline. He likes it. Now we can go back to using Marzipan as a joke. What a wonder sleep can do.

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    It's delicious! But it's not a good name, sorry. I say go with one of your other choices, please don't do that to your daughter. Your hubby will get over it.

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    I get why you love it! I LOVE Marzipan...IMO It's the perfect name for a cat... but not a baby....and I have an appreciation for adventurous whimsical names I think Marzipan could be her official nn but I would put something else in the birth cert! I like suggestion of Marzanna then you could use Marzipan and Marzi without a doubt!! Or perhaps it could work as a fun name for Pandora!

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    Oh, love Marceline!! And Marzipan would be a nice affectionate nn (or a middle for another child, because it really is a great middle option, though not with Marceline) Marcella is a pretty option, too.

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    If you love it, use it. Marzipan is no worse than some other names I've seen floating around this board. Marzi would be a cute nickname.
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