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Thread: ...Marzipan?

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    I love marzipan, but I'm not sure if it's a good name. What do you think of Marzanna? She's a Slavic Goddess of winter and death. You could call her Marzi and Marzipan as cute little nicknames.
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    Errrrrr no and no!!! Sleep for 24 hours and it will all just hopefully go away!

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    I like the suggestions of Mazarine and Maple. LOVE Maple.
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    Please no. Keep it a family joke or nickname.

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    I like it as a middle name, but not a first. Though, my sister is called Taffy...but it's a nickname, not her actual name...and we both joke about it being kinda stripper-y.

    I think something like Amelia Marzipan would be very sweet, though.

    Another thought: Amandine. Similar to Amanda but much less dated, prettier (to me) with it's pronunciation of ah-mahn-deen (I never area for the uh-man-duh sound of Amanda, just doesn't sound nice to have the word man in a girl's name!) and it always reminded me of almonds...which is a nice connection to marzipan...

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