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Thread: ...Marzipan?

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    No, dear. You've lost your mind. Have a cup of tea and go to bed.

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    Maple seems a reasonable alternative. Anyone agree?

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    No on Marzipan from me, but there are other names with the nickname Mars

    Also, if he likes Amanda, might he like Miranda? That seems more your style, maybe.

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    Aw, it seems the general consensus is that it's a bit over the top (though I HAVE heard much worse names than Marzipan). You may like:

    Mazarine ("mazz-uh-REEN" or "MAZZ-uh-rinn," French, a shade of blue)
    Mazelina ("mazz-uh-LEE-nuh," name from Renaissance era)
    Mariposa ("mah-ree-PO-suh," Spanish word for "butterfly")

    You might also like just Marci or Marnie.

    Good luck!

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    ...I actually really like the sound of it. Though it's late here, too. I'm going to go with cute but too much. It would make a great pet name!
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