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    Not so common boy names?

    Me and my other half found it so hard naming our first child, Percy. We literally discovered his name in the days before his birth and it was just perfect but it was so stressful worrying we didn't have a name. This time were planning ahead!

    I like old fashioned names that don't get heard a lot these days here are my choices


    Please offer more

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    Hmm, I don't know where you are but I keep hearing of little Henrys more and more, it's the rise (decade highs of #34 in UK, #43 in US) I also know of quite a lot of female Robyns, while I've never encountered a single male Robin, so if sharing his name with girls bothers you it might be one to cross off. I do like Percy and Rupert as brothers though, very handsome.

    Other suggestions:

    Arthur (though again, popularity depends where you are - #82 in UK but has been sitting steady in the 300s in the US since 2000)
    Chester - this gives off a vintage vibe to me - #543 in UK and out of the US top 1000.
    Walter - ditto - #758 UK, #376 and unmoving from the 300s in the US.
    Edmund - nowhere near as common as Edward, #721 in UK, out of US top 1000. Alternate spelling: Edmond is out of both nations' top 1000.
    Albert - nickname Albie is pretty darn cute. #159 in UK, #401 in US
    Alfred - has nickname potential of Alfie and Freddie, but the full name is rarely heard. #154 in UK, #949 in US.

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