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    Rhyne like the river just seems easier, sounds better, waxes more poetic... I don't know. I was just making a comment.
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    I definitely agree that having a straightforward comparison ("like the river") makes it much easier for people to 'get' the name and move on. And being able to just say that one phrase and have people understand, makes having a unique name less of a hassle/more positive. No back and forth corrections.
    Thanks for sharing!

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    At the daycare I worked at, we had a baby Rhyne (though he didn't spell it that way) but pronounced the same and everything. His parents got it from the baseball player too. It's sad, but a lot of the older ladies that work with him just call him Ryan and it's so frustrating! These are the same people going "Perstephanie? Well I'm not going to try to say it right so I'll just call her Willow" Huff. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    My name is said Rainy, and since I had trouble saying my 'r's when I was little, I always say, "Rainy, like the weather." It's always annoying, though, when it is raining (and that happens a lot in Florida) and people say something in the likes of, "You're parents sure must have liked the rain", since I made that connection. But references DO help, considering people still think I'm saying Renny/Laney/Delany.

    I am friends with a teenager named Christine, and you have no idea how many times people say Kristin or Christina- and don't bother to learn the correct way. Her sixth grade PE coach (who's approaching seventy) always called her Christina. She gave up trying to correct him after a month.

    I tend to find that many older people have problems saying names, possibly due to speech/hearing issues (this does not mean ALL elders have problems with names like Persephone and Rhyne, but in my experience there have been problems.) I have auditory processing disorder, and I turn my head around when anyone says anything that has an ay-ee sound in it. I also have been known to hear names wrong (often things like mistaking Bryan for Ryan and Kelly for Ellie), but whenever someone corrects me, I am very apologetic and work hard to say names correctly.

    @dantea, I can't believe that Persephone is having trouble. I was pretty sure most adults in US/UK/AUS know enough about Greek myths to know how to say the name of such a well-known character. But although I said it "purse-eh-phone" for years when I was a kid, with a nickname it should be much easier among the younger generation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theclocktowerofjoy View Post
    It's a lovely story and shows how every name could be wearable, just with the right person.
    Very true. But quoting r_j, I believe it would be much different if the gentleman didn't have some very famous things to compare it with! I'm glad he found joy in his unique name.

    @ aurra ~ Christine/Kristine, Christina/Kristina, Christiana, Kristen, Christy/Kristy, Chrissy/Krissy, and Kiersten have always been so hard for me to keep straight! There are just so many females with the name across each generation, that it is so very difficult! Because of this, I'm normally not a big fan of this set, but somehow Christiana always stood out to me. She was Christian's wife in Pilgrim's Progress I would only ever do that as a middle name, tho, to eliminate such confusion.
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