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    Sorry for any negative comments - we have different naming styles, I think, and I'm a really bad explainer of what I do and don't like, I think - sorry!

    Acacia - I'm not really a fan of the 'sh' sound (I thought for the longest time it was pronounced 'uh-CASS-ee-uh', and absolutely loved it!) but it looks nice on the page.
    Arden - I LOVE the similarity to the word 'ardent', and the Shakespearian forest reference, but I prefer it as a middle name.
    Dove - ooh, definitely middle name material for me, but intriguing; it has a lovely, soft sound (rather poetically, almost like doves cooing actually).
    Enid - not for me. The long 'ee' sound is slightly shrieky and harsh here, I think.
    Estella - I like the Dickens association, but dislike the similarity to Estelle - I almost prefer just Stella, maybe?
    Johanna - reminds me of Jo from the Enid Blyton books - not sure what I feel about Johanna, I think it's growing on me...
    Keturah, nn Ketty - my favourite of the list; it's unusual but perfectly pronounceable, and Ketty is just sweet!
    Linden, nn Lindy - don't like Lindy (harsh, sorry!), and prefer Linden as a middle/boys name, but nickname Indy is gentler.
    Paloma, nn Lomy - love the meaning and the sound, but not Lomy - reminds me of loam. What about Dove as a nickname? (Using two names you love in one go - a Berry's idea of perfection!)
    Maris - ooh, like this one very much - is it MAHR-ees? It rolls off the tongue very nicely - might have to nab this one for the long list...
    Merit - hmm, for me, it's too much of a word name.
    Waverly - I love the meaning, but the name itself makes me think of "The Wizards of Waverly Place" - a television show that my siblings used to watch.

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    Acacia - Too frilly for me
    Amica - NMS
    Arden - I actually like this.
    Dove - Not a fan
    Enid - Reminds me of the girl from Sweet Valley High that no one wanted to be
    Estella - Love it! And Stella is a nn option.
    Johanna - this seems dated and this particular name has always bugged me because no one is sure how to pronounce it.
    Keturah, nn Ketty - nms, name or nn
    Linden, nn Lindy - This is pretty cute. I like Lindy too.
    Paloma, nn Lomy - nms, Lomy is a little odd
    Maris - I've never liked this, reminds me of Maris on Frasier
    Merit - Too literal and not pretty.
    Waverly- Love this.

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    I do know a Keturah and she is forever having her name spelt and pronounced wrongly. Lovin Paloma and the Paloma I happen to know has never had a nick name - its said in all its glory all the time.

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    Acacia - I think this is super cute, but I prefer Cassia a bit more.
    Amica - Not really my style, I like Amity better.
    Arden - A little too rough for me.
    Dove - Not my style.
    Enid - Not my style.
    Estella - I like Stella better, but Estella isn't bad.
    Johanna - Such a strong name, I like it.
    Keturah, nn Ketty - I don't like it.
    Linden, nn Lindy - My friend's brother is named Lyndon, so at the moment, the scale tips at boy for me.
    Paloma, nn Lomy - This is alright.
    Maris - Cute; I really like the sound.
    Merit - It could grow on me.
    Waverly - I think this is very cute.
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