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  • Finnegan Graham

    16 24.24%
  • Finnegan Sean

    6 9.09%
  • Finn Graham

    8 12.12%
  • Finn Sean

    1 1.52%
  • Rafferty Graham

    15 22.73%
  • Rafferty Sean

    4 6.06%
  • Magnus Graham

    15 22.73%
  • Magnus Sean

    1 1.52%
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Thread: Boy Poll

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    1 Finn Graham - I like this combo much better than the longer Finnegan Graham (this combo has g's that trip up the tongue as well as similar sounds at the end). If you don't mind another boy with a name ending in "n", then this is the one for you!

    2 Rafferty Sean - spunky combo and great flow with the 3-1 syllable count. Rafferty Graham is ok too. If you want an Irish name that doesn't end in "n" and isn't two syllables, this is a good one.

    3 Magnus Graham - This Magnus combo flows better than Magnus Sean with its back-to-back s's. If you want to go in another direction from the Celtic theme, choose the Scandinvavian Magnus. Yes, it's used in Scotland but it's not really Scottish!
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    I voted Finn Graham. I would love to see Finn Rafferty.

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    It's hard to choose one between so many. I'm going to go with assuming your last name is Murphy too, which sadly rules out Rafferty for me. Magnus Murphy runs together a bit (Smurphy), which could make for an unintended nickname (with friends anyway, which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Finnegan/Finn Murphy works well, but I agree that Finn Graham and especially Finn Sean are choppy. Therefore my vote goes to Finnegan.

    I changed my mind. Magnus Graham is too handsome.... Smurf!!!
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    Rafferty Graham really stood out to me. Three brothers named Brennan, Callum, and Rafferty would be so much fun. Rafferty is especially energetic and jovial; I really like it. My second choice would probably be Finnegan Graham.
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