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    Thoughts on our top 3 girl names?

    After many name discussions, DH and I have finally gotten it down to 3 names for our first girl. We have been decided about the boy name since we first spoke about it around 4 years ago, but girls have been so much harder! I’d like to hear what the berries have to say about our options so that you can hopefully help with our decision making. The boy’s name we’ve picked is Derek if that influences your choice at all. Our list consists of:


    While we both really like Elaina, I abhor the nickname “Lainey” and I know this would be the default for many people.

    Mirabel is another name that we can both agree on as long as we don’t discuss the spelling. I prefer the shorter version as I think it seems less frivolous and has more of a vintage country feel somehow. He thinks that it makes the name look like it got cut off short. This name has the added bonus of being the name of a very minor character in the series from which we’ve chosen the middle name (which matches what we’ve done with the middle name for Derek, although from a different series). We would call her Mira almost exclusively.

    And lastly there’s Laura, which he seems to dislike for some unknown reason. Whenever we talk about it, he likes to bring up my rule about not naming after anyone in our families. However, Laura is just the name of one of his aunts by marriage, someone I’ve only seen at family weddings, so it’s not like we’d see her often. And to top it off, she seems like a very nice lady! Laura is my number one choice for a name and I love it so much that it really doesn’t matter to me if she’s not the only one in his extended family. Any advice on how I could sell him on it?

    Many thanks if you’ve managed to read all of this :) Any insight is appreciated!
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    Mirabel is darling! It sounds just as cute as Mirabelle, but manages to maintain an air of maturity that can lost when the extra "le" is added. Also, I love the idea of Mira as a nickname. I often fear that Mirabelle will not transfer well into adulthood, but with the simpler spelling and the sensible nickname of Mira, I think your little girl will mature into adult womanhood just fine.

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    Laura for sure. I love it so much.

    Jude, blackbird.

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    Mirabel is perfect! The shorter version is more elegant. Elaina is rather common internationally...maybe ok in the US. I see it as a middle name, and Laura is incredibly common where I'm from (midwest US). Perhaps Lauren or Laurel?

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    Thanks for the responses!

    okbrielle - I am so glad that you mentioned the possibility of Mirabelle coming off as overly childish. Now that DH has read that other people may see it the way I do, he seems much more open to the possibility of the shorter spelling. I guess I'll have to wait and see...

    jasmine.lee - I couldn't agree more!

    rkrd - Thanks for addressing all of the names. You've made me question Elaina even more now, but since I'm not overly concerned with the popularity of names that rank above the top 50 or so, I don't think I'll be discarding Laura for that reason. I do like Laurel, but it just doesn't work with our last name

    Mirabel is looking more and more likely!

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