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    I like the orange ones for neutral. The dots look completely girly and the tan looks completely boyish.

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    The dots are super cute, but definitely all girl.

    The tan could go either way technically, but I just can't imagine ever buying those shoes for a girl. The burlap texture and leather strap just make them seem kind of...I dunno, rustic? I can't think of the right word. I just know they wouldn't match any of my daughter's clothes haha! The orange ones may lean a little bit girly because they have a design on them I think, but orange is definitely a gender-neutral color and there is nothing about the design on them that is particularly feminine. I could imagine a girl or a boy wearing those with the right outfit.

    Honestly, I think you should pick whichever pair matches the style of your photo shoot the best.

    Wish they had the same color choices in tiny Toms as they do in women's. Green ones would be perfect for a "team green" baby announcement!

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    Thanks all!!

    They just don't seem to have any truly gender-neutral shoes, which is a shame. They don't have to be Toms, of course, but that's the first baby shoe hubby and I BOTH swooned over, so it seemed appropriate!
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    The tan looks very boyish to me. And the dots and orange lean more feminine. I would try find some basic white booties for an obvious gender neutral look.

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    Why can't boys have fun shoes? Maybe it's different over here, but I wouldn't assume the baby was girl based on those shoes. Id they were pink and glittery, sure. But not multi-coloured dots!
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