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    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    I love reading through your lists because we like many of the same names.

    I'm not sure what you meant by breaking down your list, but since some have already broken the names into categories and I am not particularly good at that, I'll just do my own thing and hope it is helpful. And haha, my post is too long, so I'll do it in two posts.

    Bernadette -- This name has a mysterious and charming quality to it, but I cannot really picture it on a baby or child.
    Sarai -- I LOVE this name. It sounds familiar yet exotic and has the cute nn option of Rai. Also, it is simple but beautiful which I think is a wonderful quality in a girls name. Really top-knotch!
    Thisbe -- Although I see the vintage appeal, this one just reminds me of a lisp.
    Aeliana -- Pretty sound, but a little too frilly and confusing with the spelling.
    Nicola -- I much prefer Nicole. This reminds me of soda. : /
    Isabeau -- Very pretty and rare. I love that it is similar to the popular Isabelle but stands out from the crowd.
    Briony -- Strong and beautiful. Mysterious. You might also like Bronte.
    Kennedy -- Too tied to the Kennedy family and JFK for me. How about Cassidy?
    Jensine -- Not my style
    Drea -- Cool, but in print it reminds me of "dread" or something. : /
    Tamar -- Lovely name but such bad/sad Biblical associations.
    Isaline -- Unfortunately, this reminds me of a name of some chemical.
    Inessa -- I prefer Nessa.
    Nessa -- Really fun and spunky name. More flare/uniqueness than Tessa.
    Astrid -- Some days I like it, some days I don't. It has some unfortunate teasing potential.
    Keturah -- Cool, but not my style.
    Frances -- Still too grandmother-ish for me.
    Viviette -- This one is fascinating! It sounds so bright and cheerful.
    Beryl -- Not appealing to me.
    Marcheline -- I always forget how to pronounce it, but its pretty.
    Yesenia -- This one is new to me. It sounds fresh and exotic.
    Cambrie -- Ooh, this one has a nice, friendly sound to it. I picture a very sweet girl with a ready smile.
    Zadie -- I prefer Sadie.
    Arava -- Is this pronounced AH-ra-va? If so, I really like it!
    Suki -- not my style
    Evony -- I'll have to think about this one. I kind of like it.
    Zada -- Not my style
    Eugenia -- See above
    Freya -- See above
    Niamh -- I love the sound of this name! I think the spelling may get too confusing though.
    Eliora -- I love this name! It has an amazing meaning and a rare, lovely sound.
    Haidee -- Do you like this b/c of The Count of Monte Cristo? I like it for the same reason, but would only use it as a middle name b/c I don't like how "Haidee's" sounds so much like "Hades" : (
    Neela -- not my style
    Julietta -- A little fanciful for me, though pretty
    Mirin -- This one is neat. Is it like Merrin?
    Alexane -- not my style
    Paige -- There is something very straight-forward and like-able about this name.
    Nydia -- Not quite sure what to make of this name. My brain wants it to be Lydia.
    Maeva -- Very pretty and strong.
    Aster -- See Astrid.
    Manon -- This one seems odd for a girl.
    Cantrelle -- Not my style
    Campbell -- Pretty, but reminds me too much of the soup brand.
    Peri -- This is cute and fun. Peridot nn Peri would be cool.
    Embeth -- This is hard to say.
    Jessamy -- Kind of fun. I like Jessamine/Jessamyn better
    Eda -- Not sure how to pronounce this
    Rosaleen -- Not my style
    Daisy -- I like this as a middle
    Alivia -- Nice, pretty.
    Azure -- Beautiful and rare!
    Magdalen -- Very pretty and rare sound.
    Virginia -- I really don't prefer this name as it reminds me of "virgin" etc.
    Amedea -- This is a really neat idea!
    Hilaria -- Pretty, but I just think of "hilarious"
    Frederica -- This has some cool sounds, but I think it is a bit clunky.
    Noelia -- Is this pronounced like the ending of Magnolia? If so, that is really pretty!
    Sadira -- This one is interesting, but I prefer Sabrina.
    Lilibeth -- Not my style
    Chandler -- Kind of cute for a girl (probably Nameberry suicide to say that ), but I don't think it quite fits with your other favorites.
    Ailis -- Tough pronunciation/spelling
    Madeleine -- Pretty
    Henna -- Could be considered a fresh spin on Hannah, also it reminds me of dye.
    Seeley -- Makes me think about mattress brands for some reason. Is there one with a similar name?
    Neely -- This is really pretty and reminds me of scenic Ireland or Scotland.
    Merrigan -- Wow, this is really intriguing! It has all the strength of the girls names with "son" endings and sounds so happy b/c of the "Merri" beginning. Overall, a very cheerful and spunky name. Adding it to my list.
    Senga -- Not my style
    Ramona -- I am beginning to really like this name. It is spunky and beautiful without being frilly whatsoever.
    Zohara – Very exotic and pretty although perhaps a little too much.

    The following I find confusing:

    Cleora -- This is kind of neat, although I prefer Cleome.
    Mahalia -- Feels overcomplicated.
    Keighley -- Not my style
    Xia -- I love the meaning, but not really the sound.
    Maren -- Lovely name. Makes me think of the ocean and of a very down-to-earth, lovely girl.
    Angelia -- Not my style
    Tresa -- Not my style
    Bellatrix -- I don't like the "trix" part
    Atarah -- Nice, but doesn't quite do it for me.
    Neva -- Very simple and pretty
    Medrie -- This is cool
    Celestia -- Too frilly for my taste
    Amaryllis -- See above
    Raiza -- This is really cool
    Athalia -- Pretty
    Margaux -- I like the outgoing, straight-forward sound of this one.
    Lileas -- Pretty and unusual.
    Isa -- Unsubstantial
    Arwen -- Pretty, but a little hard to say. Prefer Elowen.
    Madeira -- Makes me think of "my dear"
    Morwenna -- Makes me think of "morbid" : /
    Keziah -- Cool, but a little heavy for a girl.
    Sylvia -- I find this name very pretty and I like that you have a special family connection to it! You might also consider Sylvie and Silvana.
    Dorothy -- Not my style
    Maisie -- I like this as a nn for Margaret.
    Elara -- I agree, very pretty and rare!
    Havana -- I agree completely with what you said. I guess that makes it a little GP as a real name for a person though.
    Imogen -- "elegant in its own way" -- that is a perfect way to describe it.
    Inez -- Neat name and really cool family connections!
    Kairi -- Pretty
    Laelia -- Pretty, but a little too many vowels for me.
    Moira -- This is a cool. I know a doctor with this name and it seems quite wearable.
    Moriah -- I love this name! I really like the "God provides" connotations of Mt Moriah in the Bible and I love the sound of the name and how you can use the nn Rye.
    Finula -- Not my style
    Maurya -- Prefer Moira
    Ophelia -- Not my style
    Lark -- Lovely name! Great, happy connotations.
    Anaelle -- Not my style
    Laia - Pretty
    Aloisa -- Pretty and delicate
    Aviva -- A little too energetic for my taste.
    Alina -- Prefer Eliana
    Hadley -- I see the appeal, but sounds a little too masculine to me.
    Hadassah -- So pretty and great story!
    Raisa - Pretty and cute
    India -- Sounds nice, but reminds me too much of the country.
    Malena -- Not my style
    Melaina -- see above
    Delaina -- I love most/all name that start with "Del"! You might also like Delaney and Della.
    Irie -- Cute, but probably best as a nn.
    Henriette -- Great spin on Henrietta! Makes it much less clunky.
    Henrietta -- See above.
    Stella -- Pretty. Nice crisp sound.
    Celia --Pretty and sweet
    Aya -- Not my style
    Pearl -- Very pretty and simple. Plus, I love the elegance of pearls and the concept of a pearl being formed as a solution to rid an oyster of gritty sand. That gives the name a connotation of conquering trials or quiet strength to me.
    Ayelet -- Pretty
    Adalina -- Pretty, but a little too frilly for my taste
    Elka -- I just think of "elk" and "ilk"
    Thessaly -- Cool
    Lavinia -- This is kind of neat. Vinnie would be a cute nn
    Zenaida - -Not my style
    Cassia -- I love it! Very spunky and pretty!
    Zara, Zaria -- I think I really don't like Z names : /
    Saskia -- So pretty and mysterious
    Britta -- Crisp and strong. I know a little girl with this name and it works beautifully!

    Saoirse -- Not my style
    Genevieve – Not my style
    Georgiana – Pretty and regal, although I prefer Georgia
    Poe – Odd for a girl, in my opinion
    Lillia – Pretty, if a little frilly
    Aveline – Cool
    Arletta – Neat
    Clementine – I always think of the fruit
    Roisin – Not my style, but nice
    Ailsa – I prefer Elsa
    Coral – I like it! Very nice color and has a nice sound as a name.
    Paloma – I like this name and its on my long list, although I'll probably never use it.
    Jessa – Fun, although I like Jessamine nn Jessa better.
    Delphine – Makes me think of “dolphin”
    Bidelia – Reminds me of Amelia Bedelia
    Beatrice – Sweet, but too old-fashioned for me
    Indra – Feels like its missing something
    Lilias – Cool
    Alouette – This is a cool idea
    Isadora – Pretty and sophisticated
    Ilaria – I prefer Ilyria, but still very pretty!
    Greta – I vacillate between thinking this name is really pretty and thinking it sounds too gruff.
    Atley – Cool, but a little abrupt.
    Carys Marcheline – I love the meaning and soft sound of Carys! It sounds very mild and grounded with Marcheline.
    Coralei – Pretty name, although much better when spelled Coralie.
    Elora Kate – This is pretty! I might like Eliora Kate even more
    Ivy Juliet – Very cool combo, as it mixes nature and literature, strong and sweet, short and long. Nice!
    Jora – Yes, its different. Kind of cool, but I think it would be confusing since your brother's name is so similar.
    Gloria – This one is really growing on me.
    Promise – This might make a cool middle name.
    Madigan – I just think of “mad again”
    Flannery – Cool name, although I do want to say “O'Connor” right after it.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Boy names:
    Aston – Harsh-sounding. Ashton would soften it.
    Remington – I met a young guy with this name. It works well and Remy is a great nn option!
    Sutton – I don't like the sound of this one
    Sullivan – Kind of cool
    Thomas – Nice, although used too often for my liking
    Leland – Really neat name. On-trend without being trendy.
    Beck – Cool
    Crosby – I picture a geek with an incredible musical talent.
    Frost – Amazing middle name idea! Sounds too chilly for a first.
    Arley – Not masculine enough to me
    Alistair – Not my style
    Graydon – Sounds trendy to me
    Zoltan – Not my style
    Breccan – Neat
    Adalius & Thelonius – Not my style
    Jacoby – Fun and energetic
    Harper – I think its gone to the girls
    Reading – This isn't a great city and it is easy to mis-read as “reading” as in “reading a book”
    Vesper – Cool and mild, although possibly better for a girl.
    Michaiah – I like it!
    Chauncey – Not my style
    Mordecai – I am beginning to really like this name! It is definitely a GP for me at this point, but I love the story and the nn potential of Cai.
    Otto, Arlo, & Thackeray – Not my style
    Hadrian – Much prefer Adrian
    Eben – This is a neat idea! Very rare and masculine
    Case – Too much of a word for me
    Landry – Cool
    Javier – Not my style
    Rory – Fun, but a little to cute-sy for me
    Hudson – Nice, strong
    Moses – I love this name! Very masculine but soft.
    Claudius – Not my style
    Solomon - Growing on me!
    Henri – Nice name, cool spelling
    Lonan – Not my style
    Lleyton – Confusing spelling
    Keaton – A little too preppy or something for me
    Sorrel – I love this name but for a girl.
    Naviyd – Not my style
    AugustenRegal and handsome. August would be a great nn.
    Ira – Not my style
    Kieran – Cool
    Lorcan – Not my style
    Arden – This is very unisex to me. Not sure if I like it better for girls or boys
    Alden – Nice, sweet name
    Michon – Not my style
    Henry – Nice, strong name
    Berkeley – Reminds me of University California-Berkeley
    Feivel – not my style
    Raleigh & Auden – Prefer for girls
    Autry – I want to put “Gene” in front
    Wallace – I would fear the Wally nn.
    Brighton – Nice name, although it might create pressure with the expectation of a cheerful persona.
    Wylder – I love the Little House on the Prairie imagery that this name brings, but can't get over the word “wilder”
    Caedmon, Emeric, Waylon, Leopold – not my style

    Guilty Pleasure names:
    (I don't have time to comment on all of these, so I'm just picking a few)

    Yara – On my GP list too! Lovely sound.

    Etta – Very pretty and simple

    Simeon – I know someone with this name and it is very wearable! I also love the meaning.

    Simone – Very sophisticated and streamlined.
    Embry – Pretty and cool

    AstoriaLovely and exotic

    Sibling ideas:
    Maeva & Sarai
    Margaux & Paige
    Cassia & Sarai
    Nessa & Lark
    Nessa & Maren
    Henry & Pearl
    Ramona & Magdalen
    Henry, Sullivan, Astoria & Imogen
    Kieran, Wylder, Lavinia & Thessaly
    Briony, Viviette, & Rosaleen
    Moses, Eben & Coralie
    Merrigan, Alivia, & Paige

    I hope that helped and none of the comments were too harsh!
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    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Boys Favourites: Holden, Theron (Theo), Aidan, Killian

    Girls Favourites: Rosalie, Lucy, Lyra, Isla

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