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    Thoughts about these names?

    1. Lanah Rose
    2. Robin Haynes / Robyn Haines
    3. Hazel Lynn ( not sure about middle name)
    4. Piper Joy
    5. Adelisa (need a middle name)

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    Lanah Rose - I prefer Lana, but I like the sound of this.
    Robin Haynes/Robyn Haines - NMS, but I definitely prefer Robin Haynes.
    Hazel Lynn - Love Hazel. Hazel and Lynn kind of blend together when you say them out loud - kind of like Hazelynn. Maybe Hazel Claire, Hazel Eve, or Hazel Kate?
    Piper Joy - Peppy and pretty.
    Adelisa - I don't love this. Adeline and Adelaide are Ad- names I like more. If you want to stick with Adelisa, you could try Adelisa Ivy, Adelisa Ruby, or Adelisa Poppy.
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    1. Lanah Rose - Soft and pretty.
    2. Robin Haynes / Robyn Haines - I like Robin, but I've never heard of Haynes/Haines, and I think it's strange.
    3. Hazel Lynn ( not sure about middle name) - One flows into the other too much for me.
    4. Piper Joy - Adorable.
    5. Adelisa (need a middle name) - I don't like it.

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    1. Lanah Rose - I also prefer Lana.
    2. Robin Haynes / Robyn Haines - Robin Haines? I don't like the Y spellings. Also, why Haynes/Haines? Not very feminine and reminds me of underwear.
    3. Hazel Lynn (not sure about middle name) - Hazel is nice, but not with Lynn. The Ls sort of blend together. What about Ann, Catherine, or May?
    4. Piper Joy - NMS, but it's nice.
    5. Adelisa (need a middle name) - I have never heard this name, did you make it up? I do like Adeline, which is similar. What about Marie or Renee as a middle?

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