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    Ooh- June Adelaide IS really nice.

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    Thanks everyone! @alzora, I love the suggestion of June Lucille, but unfortunately , my cousin is named Lucille and I don't feel as though I am close enough with her to honor her or to take her name. June Antoinette is interesting and quite appealing actually. That will definitely go on the list!

    @kala_way--- that is something I hadn't thought about? But you are right. Second syllable stresses do sound better. Hmmm food for thought...and I do like the sound of June Adelaide!

    What does anyone think of June Anneliese? Or a double middle ? May be something like June Elisabeth Ivy? I feel like I am so all over the place! June was always middle name category for my combos, so feel weird having it up front.
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    So funny that you say this, because my SO has the same feelings about names - he'd have all Tiffanys and Ambers and Lauras if it were up to him - but he also loves June! I am so happy that he does, because we are not having a little Melanie. I love June with a longer middle since it's so short and sweet.

    June Amelia
    June Camellia
    June Caroline (or Carolina)
    June Elizabeth
    June Olivia
    June Isobel (or Isabella)
    June Maria
    June Sofia
    June Cassandra
    June Avery
    June Penelope
    June Emmeline
    June Wilhelmina
    June Seraphina
    June Sabrina

    P.S. Double middles are great! We plan on using double middles, one for family names and one for our personal choice

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