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    Renaming Cassandra...

    So I have a problem. My main character is currently named Cassandra Atkinson, which I'm not happy with for a number of reasons. It's too long, it comes out like Cassandratkinson when you say it out loud and it's just a little too girly for her. She needs a name that's feminine but not too girly (and preferably doesn't end in -a) and a little bit unusual. The book takes place maybe 50 or so years in the future, and naming trends are different - but not too different. Other characters are named Livia, Emerson (boy) and Wren. I'm fairly content with her last name - it's the first name I need suggestions for. And if anyone would like to offer a few ideas for middle names, well, that wouldn't go unappreciated.

    I've considered Astrid, Faith and Daphne. I like the 'feel' of Daphne for this character - it's soft and pretty but not frilly (in my opinion, anyway), but I just don't think Daphne is the right name for her. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

    And for anyone who's feeling particularly helpful today, I need a name for another character, who used to be called Lucas. I'd like a strong name for him that doesn't say dumb jock (like Brock or Bruce might)... I'm thinking maybe Roman or Griffin.
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    Well, initially I thought Phoebe, when you said Daphne.

    Other considerations:


    I tried to keep it under your guidelines, frilly but not too girly
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    Cleo Atkinson
    Molly Atkinson
    Scarlett Atkinson
    Lux Atkinson
    Melody Atkinson
    Elle Atkinson
    Ivy Atkinson

    As for the boy, Roman and Griffin are both fabulous. You could also try Axel, Quinn, Dominic, Damon, Lincoln or Duncan.
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    I read Daphne and thought:

    Penelope Atkinson (Penny)
    Persephone Atkinson (Sephy)
    Saffron/Sapphire Atkinson (Saffy)
    Fiona Atkinson
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    I thought of Stephanie after seeing Daphne.

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