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    Joanna nn Joey?

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    Micheala 'Mike' seems pretty cool to me. If you like Ricky, why not Federica/Frederica? I think I read a story featuring a Richenda 'Ricki' once as well...or Artemis/Artemisia nn Art or Arty or Tem(my) or Timmy, or Teresa/Theresa nn Terry. Or Jemima nn Jem or Jamie (although I dunno if Jamie counts as masculine, in case that's what your were going for.)

    Yep, that's all I got. Good luck!
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    I think Simon, Eve, and Rachel sounds most realistic.

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    I like the suggestion of Teresa nn Terry, and yes, Jamie counts as masculine to me, I'm in the UK where it never really took off as a girl's name. Hmm, there's a lot of suggestions but I'm not entirely sure which one fits best, might need to test them out and let her go through a number of name changes.

    And glad to see Eve nn Evie gets the seal of approval. I'm definitely making her an Evie now.

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    Yes! That one seems to fit the character perfectly, in my mind.
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