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    Started writing and the names don't fit.

    If you saw my other thread, I'd settled on the sibset of Thirza, Simon and Keziah, and Thirza's daughter Jazmyn. But now I've started writing, I just don't think Thirza or Keziah fit any more. They're just a little too 'out there' for them. Simon I'm happy with, and Jazmyn I think is fine, though she's not been in it much yet.

    Renaming Thirza: She's a teen mum, a runaway at 16 and was a tearaway before that, skipping school, drinking at 13, that sort of thing. I think she's the sort of person who would have gone by a boyish/tough sounding nickname, but not the conventional Samantha > Sam sort of thing, something a bit less common than that. A bit like Erica going by Ricky, but I've used Erica in another story for another character so not that name. Something that sounds rebellious, that she'd probably hate her first name. Ruth nn Rudy? Harriet nn Harry? Rachel nn Ray? Martha nn Marty? That's the sort of thing.

    Renaming Keziah: She keeps demanding to be an Evie. Only problem is, she's 14. She would have been born in 1999, when Evie was given to just 267 UK babies. The name didn't start climbing rapidly until about 2004/5, and all the Evies I know are much younger than my character. I don't want it to seem like I'm giving her a name out of her time. Eve was given to 614 babies, a bit more popular, and Simon and Eve work well together. Evelyn hasn't taken off in the UK same as the US, just 95 babies in 1999, so that's off the table, and Eva was 183 babies.

    What do you think of Eve nn Evie? She's into cooking, likes coming up with her own recipes and plays tennis competitively. She's in no way maternal and finds small children annoying.

    So Simon, Eve nn Evie and a big sister with a rebellious sounding nickname - which one goes best? Or suggestions if there's any others you can think of.

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    I like Martha (Marty) with Simon and Eve. I think they sound good as a sibset.
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    Simon and Eve nn Evie sounds perfect. I'll list a few that might work for the main character!

    Charlotte "Charlie"
    Matilda "Mattie"
    Miranda "Randy"
    Danielle "Dani or Danny"
    Josephine "Jo or Joey"

    Charlie, Simon and Evie is my favorite, I think. Good luck naming!
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    I'd go with: Francesca 'Frankie', Simon and Eve.


    Antonia 'Tony', Simon and Eve.


    Michaela 'Mike', Simon and Eve.
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    Simon and Eve are nice together. I've used Danielle nn Dannie before. I like Renrose's suggestion of Francesca/Frankie, but I feel like Francis would be more fitting with Simon and Eve.
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