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    It's not a personal favorite of mine, but I do like it and I totally get the appeal. I think people like it because:
    1. It's uncommon but familiar (currently at a 76 year high at #228,) a trait many parents look for in a name. It's unlikely that there will be multiple Genevieves in the school, but people won't think it's weird.
    2. It's got a sounds similar to popular names (Jenna, Jennifer, Jeanette, Eve, etc.) but it still stands out. You don't find many names with double v's and the -v ending.
    3. It follows several trends: the letter V, long and feminine, and French.
    4. It doesn't have any major negative associations: it's no Jemima or Cohen.
    5. Tons of nicknames!

    So yeah, I totally get the love of Genevieve.

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    I love the name - especially the French way of saying it. It's a beautiful name and would be in my top 5 of choices except hubby doesn't like it at all...

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    It's got that old fashioned, vintage charm that's all the rage right now, it ages well, has a huge variety of nickname options, seems like an updated Jennifer to some...

    Obviously it's personal taste, but it fits a lot of the trends right now

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    I agree with all of the above--it's uncommon, vintage sounding, and elegant without being too over-the-top. Genevieve's my top name choice for a girl as well because I like to think think the "Eve" in it honors my grandmother Evelyn, who I never had the chance to meet. My initial plan was to call future-child "Evie" until I learned that Evie is becoming a popular name by itself here in Australia, but it also has a lot of other nickname options--like "Neve" which is great since my husband vetoed it as a name choice (shh, he hasn't worked this one out yet).

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    1) It isn't popular, but is well known enough to be spelled correctly
    2) Both pronunciations are stunning.
    3) It has many good nicknames.
    4) Has history (French Saint's name)
    5) Could be a little girl in braids or an attorney at law.
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