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    I immediately like:

    Harriet Sutton - just a wonder flow!
    Ramona Carlisle or Sutton
    Rosamund Carlisle

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    I think Harriet is perfect with your kids! I also like Rosamund.

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    What a beautiful sib-set you have! Very elegant and polished.

    Of your choices, I like Ottilie and Guinevere. Harriet seems too sensible in comparison to Eloise, Beatrix, and Foster.

    For the pronunciation of Ottilie -
    It is different in English, German, French. I like the German, but the French is adorable
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    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!

    Ottilie is probably my favorite girls name at the moment. I just love it! Is it too similar in sound to Eloise though?

    I've been in love with Harriet for a long time, dh just doesn't love it like I do. We would use Hattie as a nn, I think it's just precious.

    Ramona is so spunky and fun, but I'm hesitant with a -R surname.

    Any cute nn's for Theodora? I think Teddy would be cute but idk if its too boyish.

    Ellenelle, I do agree with your feedback, while I do like those names, they just don't fit with my sibset/style. I've had Romilly on our list before, but again with the R last name. And Winifred clashes horribly.

    I will be adding Azenor and Penrose though, love those!

    Harriet Sutton
    Ottilie Maxine <3
    Guinevere Sutton
    Rosamund ...?
    Theodora Sutton
    Theodora Ruth
    Agatha Carlisle

    Can you tell I'm loving Sutton as a mn?

    Sahm to: Eloise (06/2008) Beatrix (10/2010) Foster (07/2012) Harriet (09/2014)

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