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    Need help with sibling name

    Hi Everyone! I just registered here because my husband and I are expecting a girl in October, and we are having a hard time finding a name that doesn't sound ridiculous with our last name, doesn't sound like any of our other family's names, and goes with our first daughter's name.

    Our daughter's name is Linnea.

    Some names we were thinking of, and why we're not totally sold on them:

    Freya- we both love the name, but it kind of rhymes with Linnea.

    Saffi- cute, but may not be so cute when she's an adult.

    Mina- same as Saffi.

    Siri- the darn iphone ruined it!

    Daphne- I like it, but don't love it.

    Elin- I like it, but it's Tiger Woods' ex.

    Sabina- I like it, but just started thinking about it.

    I would love your opinions on these names (especially about Freya, and how it kind of rhymes with Linnea), and any other suggestions.


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    I like Daphne, Elin and Sabina. And Freya, but may be matchy.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Freya- I think it's a little too rhyme-y with Linnea.

    Saffi- Agree that it's cute for a little girl but might not be as cute when she's grown up.

    Mina- Hmm... I think that a grown up woman could pull this off, Mina for me would fit a baby or a grown up, you could always go with Wilhelmina with nn Mina

    Siri- Yes, definitely don't use this one b/c of Siri from the iPhone.

    Daphne- Daphne is a beautiful name, but if you are not sold on it then you shouldn't use it.

    Elin- This one I don't really think of Tiger Wood's ex until you mentioned it, I think it's a really pretty name and sounds good with Linnea!

    Sabina- This one is great and fits well with Linnea. Sabina is familiar but still not used very often.

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    How does Linnea rhyme with Freya? Lin-NAY-ah? Freya is a favourite of mine I'ts kind of rhymey though, unfortunately. I'd wait and see if there's another gem out there before comitting to Freya.

    Some suggestions: Seraphina or Safina nn Saffi, perhaps? Siri, Elin and Mina are a little bit short next to Linnea IMHO. Some suggestions: Sigrid, Signe, Elina, Ellinor, and Emina.

    Good luck

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    Freya- It is a little matchy but there are no real rules. If you love it, use it.

    Saffi- I think this is darling but it should be a nn - Saffron? Seraphina?

    Mina- I think Mina can stand alone and grow up.

    Siri- the darn iphone ruined it! - you said it!

    Daphne- I really like this name but am not sure with Linnea

    Elin- Who really cares what his ex-wife's name is? Unless you plan to have your kids play with his, you may be overthinking this. Elin/Ellen has been around a long time/

    Sabina- or Sabrina?

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