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    I am a worrier, too. To the point of severe anxiety sometimes. I haven't delivered yet, but the best thing that I've done during my pregnancy is my HypnoBabies birth class. It is a form of hypnobirthing, but I am not exactly sure just how it differs from plain hypnobirthing, honestly? I think HypnoBabies is just a trademarked form of hypnobirthing.

    Anyway, it is a complete childbirth class, meaning that you will be educated on proper prenatal nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, etc, but you are also taught "self-hypnosis" techniques aimed at relaxing you through child birth. I am not sure that I would necessarily call it self-hypnosis because that may turn some people off, but I will say that the course teaches you some seriously effective guided meditation and self-relaxation techniques. The most important part of the course for me is that I am learning to default to positive pregnancy affirmations rather than self-defeating, fear-based, anxiety-producing thought patterns. The program teaches you to reframe pregnancy and child birth as a very safe, natural, enjoyable, satisfying event. Instead of using our imaginations to create negative experiences, we learn to use our minds to take us to calm, safe, relaxing places.

    I've found it helpful just during my pregnancy. Something may set me off and convince me that something terrible is happening to me or my baby, and instead of spiraling into full on panic mode, I am able to stop that fear-based autonomic response before it fully takes over. I can't tell you how much it's impacting just my life in general. The other women who have done similar courses say the same thing to me. Not only does it help train your mind for birth, it helps to rewire negative thought patterns.

    Whether or not it's going to allow me to have my planned natural birth is yet to be known, but whatever happens, I know I have a powerful tool to take me through the entire birthing experience, and I will be equipped to navigate through it without necessarily falling into the fear-based thought spiral.

    I highly suggest it if you are one to also fall into that type of thought pattern. I've watched women birth using HypnoBabies techniques, and it is an incredibly calm, quiet, peaceful, and beautiful event. I'll let you know if mine even resembles that at all

    Finally, do NOT listen to scary birth stories. AT ALL. Only allow women with positive things about birth to tell you about their experiences- and that can be any type of birth from natural home birth to C-section. But only allow the positive and helpful stories penetrate your mind right now. I can't tell you how many incredible stories I have heard this past month. I have women stopping me on the street to tell me how amazing and incredible my birth will be, and how it was the most transformative event of their life. THESE are the things you want to hear right now.
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    I am much more scared about my childbirth this time around, I just cannot imagine being that lucky. With my son, I felt great the entire pregnancy, except a few weeks of morning sickness.

    My entire labor from the first contractions was only 8 hours, contractions were never that painful and I could always talk through them. I got some Stadol as pain relief because I thought it would be a long time and then I could rest a little easier, but then my son was born a little less than an hour later. I only pushed for about 10 minutes before my son was born, that was intense, but still not what I would call painful. There was no screaming and only a few needles involved. I never took any childbirth classes and never worried about how I would handle labor before it happened.

    I had a tear, but it was just a labia (sorry if tmi) and it was just because a nurse told me to push right as the doctor was saying stop and I didn't hear. The most painful part was getting the stitches put in, that was surprising. The stitches didn't hurt after they were in, but unfortunately they dissolved/fell out a few days later without the tear healing so it's permanent.

    I thought it was strange that as soon as I held my son a nurse squeezed my breast to collect some colostrum in a dropper and drip it into my son's mouth before I even tried breastfeeding, I felt slightly violated.

    Also, a nurse complained at me for holding my newborn son too much, because apparently he was going to get bored, she said. That such a strange comment. I was surprised at the grumpy attitude of several of the nurses, but she was the worst.

    Overall, it was a great experience and I think my positive attitude going in really helped. I felt mentally fantastic afterward, almost like a high. I spent the whole 2 days in the hospital holding and staring at my new baby. I brought a book for some reason, but no entertainment was needed. Physically I did feel like I was in recovery mode, but I was not in terrible pain and was back to my normal activity level by three days later.
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    I loved being pregnant until the very end, past 35 weeks or so. I had a very easy pregnancy with no complications or scares. My delivery was another story however and every single minute of it, from walking into the hospital for an induction to the recovery after my c-section, was a horrible ordeal. I am not afraid of pain and I generally have a high pain tolerance, but some things are just downright scary. If I had to do it all over again, I would totally have waited to go into labor naturally and probably just had a natural birth with IV pain meds and gas instead of a epidural. The epidural was by far worse than the contractions. They always make it look so easy on TV shows and stuff, but they have to search for the right spot and if that needle hits the wrong spot you will literally double over, it was the worst feeling (I also had a student doing my epidural without my knowledge, so my experience might be worse than others) I still have numbness and sharp shooting sensations in my back because of it, which I am finally seeing a chiropractor for.

    I am absolutely dreading another surgery because I had such a bad experience last time. Almost to the point of requesting to be totally under anesthesia for it instead of another epidural (mine didn't work properly and I had to be heavily gassed and dosed with ketamine to knock me out) I'm not sure of the risks that goes along with that, and I'm also not sure if there is a difference between an epidural and a spinal. I'd like any information about this actually... Blade?
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    Pregnancy - the beginning was rough. I had hyperemesis and did end up hospitalized for dehydration. The morning sickness also lasted 4-5 months for me, but it wasn't as severe the entire time. I got Rx meds for it, but they gave me a slight headache. I also had extremely low blood pressure (I have low BP to begin with, and it dropped more than normal in pregnancy) which led to fainting and I didn't drive for about a month. The rest of my pregnancy went smoothly, by about 24 weeks I felt completely normal, and until the end of pregnancy I was able to swim, hike 7 miles, work out, etc. The heartburn was honestly the worst part of later pregnancy.

    Labor - I mean, it wasn't a super-fun time, but it wasn't that horrible. The pain wasn't that bad as long as I was able to move through contractions. The worst part was that it was long and I couldn't sleep well through contractions, and I was exhausted and shaking by the time I got pain meds.

    The epidural - the most painful thing about the epidural was sitting still through a contraction to get it. I had no idea it had been put in when the doctor said it was done. Getting blood drawn was more painful.

    Delivery - I had an unusually easy delivery for a FTM, but it was 100% pain free and she was delivered in 20 minutes. I can imagine if you're pushing for 3 hours, you're probably exhausted, but with the epidural I felt no pain. I had no tearing, either, and felt pretty much 100% back to normal a day or two after delivery. I know that's pretty unusual, but I don't think typically labor and delivery is nearly as bad as I thought it was beforehand.
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    I've had 4 easy and pretty enjoyable pregnancies. The first 3 months were difficult with nausea (luckily no sickness) and just feeling worn out and wrung out, but I seem to have it easier than most people. I am able to just get on with things right up until the end. I'm also blessed with this mellow attitude during pregnancy, I don't worry about things and just know everything is going to be alright.

    I've also had 3 relatively easy births and am hoping for a 4th in a few months. My labours are shortish, and I only need a tens machine for the at home bit and then go onto gas and air at the hospital. I did have a tear with my first son and bleed out a bit, but it was all expertly managed and I was only kept in for 2 days afterward. I have very quick and intense 3rd stages (where you push), no more than 5 minutes and only a few pushes. I know I'm incredibly lucky and hope my luck continues.

    Do your research and find out what you would like your birth to be like, but be aware of complications and what could happen, but don't fixate on them. Labour isn't easy or fun, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare either. Staying calm is the biggest things, the more you tense up and freak out the more painful it is. Hypnobirthing is a good idea if you're a bit nervous or scared. Things can go wrong, but you have teams of doctors, midwives and nurses there to support and advise you. They only want what's best for you and your baby.

    Not sure if that's helped at all. Good luck.
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