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    a baby boy name that goes with griffin and grace?

    We currently have a Griffin and a Grace and are expecting a baby boy. We are 99.9999% sure this will be our last child and we are strongly considering Grant - I like the name individually and like that it goes with Griffin and Grace, but am a little hesitant that it's too much...however I feel like it might be weird to have Griffin, Grace, and then some name that is totally different (ex: we also like Landon and Logan). I'm wondering what comes to mind for a boy sibling to Griffin and Grace?

    Also, we love the name Cohen because of it's sound and uniqueness, but we can't use the name because it's taken by some of our best friends. I saw the name Coe on here the other day, which sounds too incomplete to me, but reminded me a bit of Cohen. Do any names that are similar come to mind?

    So basically, I'm looking for name ideas that go great with Griffin and Grace, and/or names that are similar to Cohen, or a boy name that ends in -n so that it'd match Griffin ... the only thing is I don't want something super popular (which is my hesitation with Logan). Thanks!
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