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    What do you think of mt favorite boy's name combos

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    Aria Windsor, Braeden Elizabeth, Cambria August

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    Lincoln Everett works very well. It has a nice ring to it - very formal and masculine.

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    Anchor James: super cute!
    Benson Arlo: not too fond of Benson, Arlo is sweet
    Brian Carter: I don't like Brian that much, Carter is cool
    Darren Marks: not so much
    Emerson Lee: I like Leo better than Lee, but it's still cool
    Finnian Jeremiah: I prefer Finnegan to Finnian, but I still like it
    Hawley Nathaniel: like it
    Jacks Xavier: not so much
    Kurtis Isaiah: I'm not too fond of Kurtis
    Kyle Andrew: maybe Kyle is too 20ish
    Lincoln Everett: love it
    Mackenzie John: Mackenzie is too girly
    Napier Evelyn: Same for Evelyn
    Ryan Jacob: cool
    Tristan Lane: Love it
    Truman River: love it
    Wesley Josiah: love Wesley, Josiah, not so much
    Waylon Gregory: like it
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    My favorites are:
    Tristan Lane
    Waylon Gregory
    Benson Arlo

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    I love Benson Arlo, it reminds me of a very beautiful hotel in Portland called The Benson. I also love Wesley Josiah (I love The Princess Bride and have a great uncle names Wes). I really like Emerson, but dislike Lee. Almost any of your other middle names would work better with Emerson. Those three would definitely be my favorites. Good luck!
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