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    I think the suggestions of G- names without the Gr- are great. This way the he doesn't feel left out, but it's not too much with your other kids' names. Garrett and Gabriel are really good suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyemsma View Post
    Elliot Grant is a wonderful suggestion.

    Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by corcorbelle View Post
    If you like the name Cohen, use it. There is nothing "offensive" about people who use it. In Latin America Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, and "Jesus" is a common and honorable name. "Mary" is another name frequently used by Catholics even though it is their belief that Mary was "immaculately" chosen and distinguished by God in perfection.
    Didn't realize that different cultures having different standards was all that complicated. Or that it was really that hard to work out there's a specific difference in terms of disrespect in using a name derived from Catholicism that Catholic people use as a name vs. using a name derived from Judaism that Jewish people don't use as a name.

    Quote Originally Posted by corcorbelle View Post
    I did not know that "Cohen" could potentially be perceived as distasteful, and I always associated it with poet and musician Leonard Cohen. If I had chosen to use the name it would be in honor of a poet and have nothing to do with Judaism. The world is not black and white. And it does not revolve around you. Or Jewish people. Or "Dick's" who cannot conceptualize that a name or word can have different meanings used in different contexts.
    It's very possible to use a name that has connotations of appropriation and is offensive without being aware of the offense. I liked the name Dakota. A friend I met later, who is Lakota, told me that it really bothered her and many people of that background, and I said "oh, I didn't know that" and took it off my list. Because my liking the sound of the series of syllables is not a good enough reason to hurt people of a culture that has enough issues with getting crapped on. The fact that I now live where there are basically Native American people at all is irrelevant, or if anything would make it even more cowardly - it's a minority group with no local power at all so I can disrespect their culture with impunity?

    No one's ascribing malice to liking the sound of the name. But it doesn't make any sense at all to me to call people who don't like it dicks. If you're that caught up in everyone having the right to feel however they do or say whatever they like, then suck it up and deal with the fact that some people don't like it - and by your own logic that should be okay. The world doesn't revolve around people who want to "honour" Leonard Cohen, either. If you can call that honouring, considering the implications of not giving a shit about his culture.

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    Sorry if I made you angry. I was being facetious when I used "Dick's". I was upset because I thought it wasn't fair to attack a couple who chose "Cohen" when they probably were totally unaware it was perceived by some as offensive. They didn't even offer that information on Nameberry themselves, it was through someone else. For all anyone knows, they might now be aware that the name is offensive to some, and perhaps they are embarrassed and maybe regret having chosen it. Or perhaps they were totally aware it was offensive and chose it anyway-- in which case I would agree that it probably wasn't a wise choice. I just didn't like the way a nameless stranger was being attacked when they didn't even choose to offer up the information. I would feel hurt and humiliated if that happened to me. Especially if I did not have the opportunity to explain or defend myself.

    I honestly wouldn't use the name "Cohen" either, because I would be scared that people would jump directly to the assumption that I was being disrespectful. I like Leonard Cohen though. I don't expect anyone else to-- in fact you could come up with many good arguments about how he is not deserving of honor. I was just saying that if I had chose the name "Cohen"-- it would be based on my affinity for the singer/poet and would no way be making any kind of statement (dishonorable, or otherwise) against Jewish people.

    In retrospect, I regret having chose my tongue-in-cheek use of "Dick's" and I apologize. I was angered that a nameless and completely innocent (for all we know) person was being judged without an opportunity to defend themselves. Again, I am sorry.

    Also, I never said anything about not giving a shit about Leonard Cohen's culture. I don't know about his culture. Not knowing or being ignorant of something doesn't equate to "not giving a shit". I guess that is the point I was trying to make in my original post.

    Apologies to all. I'll think more carefully before posting in the future.

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    How rude of you to say that people naming their child Cohen should be ashamed of themselves. We named our son Cohen after the surname of a family member who came from Ireland.

    I am highly offended by your comment and think you should follow the age-old adage of 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.'

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