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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    My favorite on your list is Dominic. I love the nn Dom, but you could also use Nico as a nn. Then you get to use 2 off your list!

    The other I like is Grant.... Dominic Grant?

    very cool suggestion re: the two nicknames - I didn't even think of using Nico as a nickname for Dominic but i like it! thanks!

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    Cameron or Camron- I prefer Cameron, but I'm not a big fan of Lillian and Cameron.
    Chace- So trendy next to Lillian. Also, with an S surname, i.e. Smith, Chase will slur... Chasmith...
    Dominic- Love with Lillian.
    Dylan- Lacks the classiness of Lillian.
    Nico- Trendy.
    Jace- Trendy.
    Grant- Wonderful with Lillian. They are both timeless and classy...
    Kevin- 1980s... Have you considered Cavan?

    I like Lillian and Grant the best, but #2 is Lillian and Dominic.

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    I think Grant sounds best with Lillian.

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    thanks everyone! It sounds like most agree that Dominic and Grant are good pairings with Lillian (now if I can only persuade my husband ) Truly appreciate the feedback!

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